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The good oil


As a Naturally focused therapist Dip.Shiatsu and oriental therapies I am forever looking for natural products with out all the rubbish in it and understanding the food laws in our country that are designed to protect the consumer is not always happening because money talks. So it is upto the individual to get smart about our products come from is we choose so finding them is a never ending time consuming task but one I am very passionate about. So I am very happy to say I have found a company with its ethics in the right place and integrity is like beeds of bubbles in a fine glass of French champagnes now we have the good oil there is not end to the advantages for the use of these oils. The difference is that these oils are for every day use, to support your immune system and every health issue you may have for you and your family. To find out more goto

Create new healthy habits
You have heard it before and its true – the less un processed food you eat the more you gain nutritional value. However the rules of thumb is, when you start a new habit you must replace the old one with a new one to be the most effective. so here are some Raw habits to get you started,
1. Minimise the food you eat that comes that comes in a packet- look for food you can eat that is not in a packet by from your local butcher and support local farmers markets.
2. When drinking juice remember that the juice only stays alive for a minimum of about 20minutes after that it is dead food. And when juicing ensure you have a juicer that does not heat the fruit and veg too much as it will kill the goodness invest in a good one, remember juice in a can or bottle is filled with sugar so stay away from them as much as possible.
3. Be aware of your thoughts, if they are negative then try to re frame them with compassion and love as a basis, easier said than done I know!
4. Eat slowly and never eat when your upset, angry or anxious
5. Grow your own, herbs and veg you’ll be amazed how much you save and how much you learn by doing so.
6. Replace teabags with loose leaf tea in a pot it’s a lovely habit to create and treat yourself to during the day. Tea is a medicine in the sense that is a great way to support your immune system and health as tea bags have a lot of fillers and bleached tea bags that are not good to ingest.
7. Move more. find something that you enjoy, if you want community do a class of Yoga, martial arts individual sports but make sure its something you enjoy not what everyone else is doing.
8. Laugh lots and be passionate about every aspect of your life or change it!
9. If your going to have coffee grind the beans it yourself and do away with freeze dried coffee
10. Do not ever eat margarine other options are, use avocado in season, Tahini spread, or just good old butter. If ants and bugs wont touch it then it is poison, nature will always tell the truth.
11. Finally chocolate,- if your going to have it have the good stuff with 80% coca less sugar content, you will find you will only want a tiny bit to satisfy you.
12. Be greatful for the the little things every day.

Invest in yourself
This is a saying that is becoming more and more imperative to our every day life. We constantly invest time and money into things we do, habits we create unconsciously over time and lifestyles we live. So its important to invest in yourself as much if not more, as you invest in your portfolio of buildings, banks etc.

There is always another choice
Why give all your hard earned fun bills to Woolworths and Coles supermarkets and pharmacy? Well, for one, you get Loyalty reward points you you feel like your getting something for nothing, right? Well that’s all well and good however if you like one of the products you buy at these places they don’t give you commissions (cash to spend) they give you points. Think about it, if you had your own shop online and you where able to ensure that the product was impeccable and healthy for your family to use every day, for healthy life style wouldn’t you invest in that. So take responsibility for the choices you make products you put on your skin and invest in your own shop that resonates with Plant and is 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, vitamins and beauty products. The magic is, you can open up an online shop for yourself and your family with doTERRA it will cost you minimal and you can share it with your friends and family while you earn cash for your efforts and if you would like to build a business then you have all the tools to do it and meet amazing individuals all with the same passion with a gift of the earth products. Join us at doTERRA and start to resonate with the plant with a gift of the earth and begin your journey changing your world one smell at a time!

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