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Moving house eeeeeek!

MOVING HOUSE…an  opportunity not a headache

Moving house…an amazing time for transformation and an opportunity for cleansing.

 When someone mentions they are moving house, the first thing that comes to mind is stress…. Immediately we put a negative slant on it when it is actually a gift, if we so choose!   Sure it is stressful I agree; however it is so much less stressful to see it as a cleansing -cleaning out the Rubbish (or four letter word!) sorting the stuff , all the things that are heavy burdens that pile up in our home, disposing of your burdens but holding on to the good – both material and mental.
Ok now press the refresh button….It is refreshing to look at it with new eyes, and see the opportunity as I did recently.  Yes, moving house is one of the highest rated stresses in our lives, it is up there with the big one like loss of a family member – however, even the loss of a family member is an opportunity for clarity. So it would seem when there is loss; apart from the pain there is gain and because you let go of the past you open new doors leading to different future doors: The journey has taken a new turn…  Letting go are the Key words here and, best of all, it can be the clearing of old emotions that have burdened you.
Recently, I had the experience of moving house for the 20 something time in my life to date – that doesn’t include the move, with my family, from my birth home of Darwin, NT to Mackay, Qld when I was 11 years old. (Eleven year olds definitely feel stress!)

Just to paint a picture for you of my latest move and how it played out: I was still in the USA holidaying and had been there for a few weeks when I got the email that Mark, my partner and I had to vacate the house.  We had been living in this lovely old Queenslander for the past 4 years situated in Eumundi Qld.  I immediately felt sad..but then I thought, Wow!  We have been catapulted into this space before we have to tackle the nitty gritty of a big change in our lives – We could go anywhere… The overwhelming feeling of excitement slowly replaced the feeling of sadness, my mind began to race at the concept of endless opportunity – reality set it later.

 After a wonderful holiday I landed back in Australia. It was moving house time!  I hit the ground running, launched myself into the exciting space of ‘looking for a place to create a new energy of growth’ in our lives.
Mark and I have a motorbike in the USA, which I certainly gave a work out whilst over there! He also has one in Europe and was ‘champing at the bit’ to get over there for his six weeks holiday before the weather turned. Business commitments made it impossible for us to holiday together this year.  So in my jet lagged state of madness (only way I can think of it!)  I said, “Well, on your bike, better go now before the weather turns too cold, I’ll be right,no worries!” Hmmm! Crazy!! And NOT advised… I know, although moving house has consumed great chunks of my life, the reality of having to do it on my own was cathartic, an opportunity to get rid of the old emotions connected to the stuff that no longer served me and moving on to create the new.
Benefits of moving:

I had a garage sale, which was great on so many levels as I connected with people I may not have in the normal flow of daily life, besides making some new friends. Many a wonderful conversation was had that day as buyers and sellerwalked through the closing off of an era that Mark and I had inhabited. What a magic day!

The packing of boxes and the clearing of so much rubbish that we had allowed to collect around us was amazing – I felt a lighter somehow!

Rearranging the mind-set was quite a challenge, moving froma six bedroom, refreshed Queenslander to a new 3 bedroom ultra modern house with clean lines and a view of the Noosa shores, which is absolutely breath taking.  It was sad to leave the old community of friends and neighbours, but also very exciting to start anew as old friends are still there and theprospect of forming new connections is exciting.

So in all the madness came clarity and Clear View (the name of our new street) how’s that for magic, and that’s the way it should be.

As we are settling into the new chapter of our life together – New growth and expansion have become the order of the day…. a Clear View!

 Well there it is! The next time you find yourself faced with the big move, see it through new eyes, create something fabulous and amazing for yourselves.

Happy moving and happy clearing to all you who have suffered loss in some way – remember there is always gain if you choose to see it.

“Live life with love laughter and passion and success and abundance will flow to you with ease and grace”

By Linda McCall

Master Coach NLP


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