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Fear based consciousness

Fear… are we consciously unconscious?

Are you reading headlines like this one, with the great big Fear word in it? You notice it and unconsciously and automatically recognise it (the feeling) consciously you are curious and you want to read it because you relate to it some way or another. Fear is popping up all around us. So I ask you honestly are we propagating it? Is this article bringing fear to the fore front of your mind? Yes. Are you consciously and unconsciously buying into it? What are you getting buy buying into the word fear or the world in a fear based consciousness? …nothing but more fear? Maybe an answer to why you’re fearful? Well really the truth is simply fear sells! That is why it is being used so much. We unconsciously and consciously want to know more about the beast that has such a hold on us. We recognise it and so we read on… what can you do?

It is all about how we response to the world around us. So are you consciously unconsciously responding to the world around you according to what attitude prevails?

Recently, I have noticed the word fear in the headlines “… Fear Ebola” front page of the Sunday Paper or” FIFO workers leaving Depression untreated for fear of Drug test” another nothing heading with the word fear so what are they actually saying? Obviously what ever gets the most clicks! FIFO, Depression, Fear and Drug testing….possibly! Just maybe! The word Fear is being used as a marketing tool and grabs people’s attention and it certainly does. It got me thinking where this all coming from? And it is all to do with the underlying uncertainty and change we are all experiencing in our lives in some way or another so we auto respond to a fear based consciousness. Why I ask these questions is to get you thinking about your own filters and how you are responding to the world. Are you choosing to filter the information around you, so that you are not buying into the fear based consciousness? It is like trying to control a naughty child, we can choose to react or encourage behaviours all around us.

Yes, it is interesting times I agree but in these time of rapid change there is an awesome opportunity to learn, observe and practice mindfulness. What you’re allowing into your conscious and unconscious mind and how you’re feeding it. Just as you would be mindful of who you invite into your house, just observe the information that is feed to you from your environment and make your intention to practice mindfulness.

What bought me to write this article was to bring awareness to our own thought processes and how we have a choice even when we feel we don’t.

Recently, I even saw the Entrepreneurial Magazines are jumping on the band wagon. They see how much fear based propaganda is selling so they are just competing for numbers. I find that interesting because Entrepreneurs are perpetually and generally very positive thinkers and fear does not normally sell to these people but sure enough there it was in the headlines.

So how do you respond? Are you responding as a victim (I call it the poor bugger me syndrome!) or are you choosing to take control and be responsible your effect on the world around you? Maybe by just noticing that fear is just something we create and propagate and it is an illusion, then you can change it with the only true emotion that is Love. I am not talking about being overly positive and glazing over the issue, it’s how you respond personally the message you choose to send out to the world. What if you held the intention of love and light?

What messages are you sending to your body’s mind through all your sensory acuity, what you feel, see, hear, smell and self-talk? Your unconscious mind is constantly eves dropping on the body’s immune system therefore your self-dialog is so very important to what messages you send through the neuro pathways which will affect your overall health and wellbeing. Therefore if you are consistently tuned into bad news, then you notice more negative things because that is your focus. Then you become effected (the victim mentality) of the cause outside of you that is bad news, your body starts to tense (Fight or flight mode) your body is on alert and in survival mode as the mind is sending messages of fear to every cell in the body wich will cause your reaction.  If you do this enough your body is in a constant state of alert ( anxiety) you become it and attract more of it, just like when you buy a red car you start to notice all the red cars on the road so that is your focus.

Mindfully monitoring the input just as you do the viruses that come through your computer, with virus blockers or fire walls monitoring what comes into your computer daily, which is making a conscious choice to control the information that comes in and out of your computer. If we do this with our computers and our houses and environment, then we must do the same with ourselves to protect ourselves from the virus of fear based consciousness that is bombarding our lives through all the different channels of information we accept into our lives.

I would like to finish with an unexpected crazy little twist….so just breathe….and imagine you’re on the Yoga mat of life….. (Don’t worry about the jargon) just take in the adventure into the world of Yoga.

As a Therapist of the Body’s mind association I am not exempt to the issue, so as a practitioner observing others I also have to observe within myself……Now comes the Yoga of life….it is a wonderful opportunity for self-observation or what we call in Yoga Svadhyaya (the practice of self-study).

While I was studying my Yoga Teacher training with the wonderful Tammy Williams of NRG Power Yoga, Tammy said to us as students “teacher student there is no difference”. That is profoundly true! If you’re not seeing an opportunity to learn while you teach, be it students, parenting, consulting, being the CEO or the Director, the Expert or the Global Leader, then you are cutting of the opportunity for growth. Be open to receiving by just observing.

To experience “the Yoga of life” is to observe your response and just notice not judge (more difficult to practice than to say). If we hold the intention to practice Yoga Yamas (how we treat others) and Niyamas (how we treat ourselves) there is beauty in the observation. When we are experiencing the yoga (Meaning Union) we experience “the Yoga of Life”. Just being mindful of how we respond to the world around us is the power rather than what is happening outside of us.
Be thankful for the journey, the insight and the gifts. Namaste ( we are one)

May you continue soul deep adventures of life… doing what blows your hair back!

A book I recommend is Kurek Ashleys “How would Love respond” its all there in the heading. Namaste groovers till next time.

Remember “no one ever won a war with fear (be it a personal war or other) you only win wars with courage.  That courage come from inside us as we push through the fear and create some new  tactics by focusing on the solution.” Linda McCall

Lovingly Linda McCall. Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnotherapist, Dip.Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

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