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” It’s time” to set your Intentions and Adventures

 It’s Time

“It’s time” as Gough Whitlam said in his campaign the 1970’s. “It’s time” two little words that bought him the success he was after, and it got him elected…. finally.  Amazing what a two little word buzz can do to get you what you want.

This is just a little example of how words can ignite hope in people and some times it can be as little as even one word, depending on the story you create around it from your experience, and it is very different for each and every one of us.

What if you had two little words or even one that could change the course of your life? What words would you choose? (sure… you can choose a negative word but for the most potent result you might want to choose something that is positive and serves you!).

What ever words you choose, notice how easily it pops up and how it makes you feel.  I choose Adventure because thats when my best results occure.  I choose the word adventure just because it reminds me that anything is possible. Great stuff comes from adventures and pushing through the old beliefs and seeing what is truly possible.

What if we looked at life not focusing on the problem but focused Intetion on the solution and tapping into the intention behind the things we love.  Image what adventures can be created from that concept alone.

Yes,  it’s that time of year to be focusing on what you want to experience in 2015, what you love and what drives you, what blows your hair back….its time to do some goal setting for 2015 and create outcomes that will have you totally in your flow.

Ahh, I hear you say HOW do I do that because I have tried that stuff before and its doesn’t work….

If its not working your not taking responsibility for your outcomes.  Who is responsible for your outcomes? Thats right ….you are!

In my own experience, I have been my happiest when I have created adventures with a general intention and desired outcome and allowed the detail to unfold gracefully. I make sure I am constantly checking I am still aligned with what I value.  I found that on those adventures all over the globe, I have been able to really connect with my truth.

Instead of calling it goal settings and outcomes, I am going to call it Setting your Intentions for Adventures for 2015…..its sounds so much more fun in those words and I am all about the fun stuff.  So let me give you some little outlines for how to create your new adventures for 2015.

Remember, life is an adventure and doing the things that make your heart sing is going with your passion. It’s important to make this fun not a chore. Think about the things that blow your hair back…

  1. Ask your self “what do I want to experience in 2015″?. Forget about the rollercoaster ride of 2014 and focus on what you want to experience instead.  Write them all down with prefix of I am…. so its is as if now.
  2. Next, think about your why for each one of those things you what to experience.
  3. Ask your self “is it realistic”? (make sure its achievable e.g I want to make a millions dollars make sure you have a way your going to make a million dollars by selling a product or service not just wishing for it).
  4. Remember to put a time frame on it so that it does not slide on your time line and trust me it will if you dont. What I mean by that is that you need to put a date on it so that you can activate it, if you dont, its like saying ” I earn enough money…..” trust me I wrote this once and I did earn just enough…. (whats enough? to pay the bills and scrap through from pay to pay?) instead you can say “its now May 2015 and I now earn $10,000 a month ….”
  5. Use all your sensory acuity and visualise yourself experiencing that thing, see what you saw and feel the feeling of having that and hear the sounds you hear when you have that adventure activated.
  6. Remember to revisit your list every month just like a business plan and make sure that it still sits well with you can that you adjust the things you need to and fine tune them. Come from the heart not from the head.

These steps are simply placing an intention. Remember “only you can control your future”. Dr Seuss.

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