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3 Signs You Need An Adventure

How often to you feed your Adventurous Soul? It can often be repressed because partners or family don’t like the things you enjoy or it’s not their style – and that’s ok. They may not enjoy dangerous or uncontrolled environments and prefer more controlled environments for recreation and holidays. However, what if you do like action filled heart pumping stuff?


Often we can get caught up in a world of expectation (with ourselves and others). It’s a role we can play out for others to keep the peace even if it’s not really your thing. Although, suppress your true feelings and desires long enough, and you may find yourself in a life that is not recognisable, and not really what you want.

Your unconscious belief may be that ‘it is expected of you’ to act a certain way because of your attachment to the illusion of how others will perceive you if you don’t play out a particular role.

Signs You Need An Adventure

 Here are three little tell-tale signs You Need An Adventure that will show up in your life when you are not feeding your adventurous soul:

1. You may feel empty and lost in your everyday life and wonder whose life it is you’re living, or you ask yourself ‘there must be more to life than this’.

2. You may have regular thoughts of what life used to be like before you had responsibility.

3. You follow a lot of other people doing adventures on TV or social media and you can’t remember the last time you had a great soulful adventure for yourself.
If this is happening to you then you are way overdue and it’s time! It’s time to have what I call a good ole F#@& Off Adventure!

Remember, it doesn’t have to cost much either, have a look what is around. You may have a boat you haven’t used for a while or camping gear stashed in the cupboard. You could go scale a mountain for a day somewhere you haven’t been before and then camping overnight. Perhaps you have a motorbike in the garage that hasn’t been ridden for years.

Stop making excuses and just GO! Feed that Adventurous Soul and once people see you doing it they will want to come play with you too.

Here’s to a soul deep adventurous lifestyle!

Linda McCall

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