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How To Create A Daily Focus To Create Change

How do you change your daily experience with a simple daily focus?


Daily Focus is to Listen- listen to the self-dialogue

Having a daily focus is simply setting your intention for the day, to assist you in creating an intention to come back to and learn something about yourself through this process.

Your Daily Focus can be FUN! Yes, that’s right, you can set your daily focus to be simply coming back to the fun, just having fun in your day, so when things become a little too serious you can have a giggle at yourself perhaps at observing the seriousness and have a laugh.

A daily focus is just a reminder for you to come back to this simple focus throughout the day.

The Daily Focus is ‘”Listen.”

This simple word can mean a lot of different things. In this video, I am talking about just Listening to the self-dialogue that goes on in the background of your mind, the chatter in your mind and how it affects the way we function in the day.

Noticing it is the first step and the mindfully changing the chatter by listening to the chatter and asking yourself “is that true?” or is it an old record of a belief I use to have however I have still allowed it to play on in the background of my mind.

This is commonly known as Mindfulness practices. You may have heard about mindfulness, but your head explodes into visions of muesli munching yoga crunching woo-woo friends and acquaintances,  you dismiss it for weird stuff and turn your back on it, through lack of understanding.

‘Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally’

It’s all about mindful living. Which means, you are at the moment, experiencing it that very moment, rather being striving for the future, racing around not noticing each moment.

Why I created the Daily focuses, was to show you simply the benefits of having them in your everyday life. I first learnt about mindfulness through my training as an NLP Coach and then in my Yoga Tacher training course.

Here’s how you can create your own daily focus:

  1. Think of a word that helps you simplify everything and that will help you focus’ I like to use simple words like ” just breathe” or “Listen” or “smile and watch the world smile back at you”, it might be to remember people’s names and use them three times in conversation. It might be to see everything in your day like new born child with wonder and curiosity. Make sure it is a positive word.
  2. Make sure you write it down and put it in your calendar of your smartphone so that you can come back to it.
  3. Share it with people in your day, come back to it when you start to become negative or rushed.
  4. Observe how you used it in your day and how it enhanced your day.

Through self-observation of the mind and it’s chatter you become self-aware of how you create your day. Your limitations and the ability to delete, distort and generalise the information you receive in every moment.

‘Focus is more important than intelligence.’ Unknown

I invite you to join us on each day to do your daily focus just to get used to the benefits of this mindful living. I look forward to sharing with you each day I post a daily focus to remind myself to focus on experiencing a beautiful life and business and show you how you can too.

As  I travel around a beautiful global landscape, I am inspired every day by the gifts I receive which always amazes me.   Giving you inspirational ideas of how to create your Dreams into your reality through simple practices.

My intention is to give you inspirational ideas of how you can create your dreams into your reality through simple practices.

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