Three Good Reasons To Set Goals

There is always a good reason to set goals. Without them, you can coast along in your life aimlessly like a boat without a sail at the whim of the ocean. your Belief will affect the results. Your belief and what you value are mostly unconscious and your outcomes or results tell all.

Your belief and what you value are mostly unconscious and your outcomes or results tell all. So If you have set goals before and they did not work that is simply because perhaps you did’nt believe it enough that you could!

To move toward our dreams is one thing but your belief about whether or not you can achieve them will affect your outcomes. To combat this and find out how you truly feel about the goals say it out loud. This will give you a sure fire indication of if the goals feel right or not, also the more you say it the more you create it. And the more likely you are to experience what you want.

Three Good Reasons to Set Goals

  • Writing goals down goals give us purpose, improve our motivation, commitment, and focus. The trick is to be specific.
  • Goals can help us track performance, assess strengths, and learn where we need to improve most.
  • Goals help us to stay grounded in the moment- which is crucial to building confidence. They are general guidelines that can be continually evaluated and adapted.
Three ways to ensure you set goals so that they really work

Belief – Your personal belief that you can achieve the goals will affect the outcome you get. You must believe it is achievable that you can feel in every bone in your body.

Motivated – You must be personally motivated toward the goals. ensure the out come is for you not for someone else. This will help you to be connected to the goal and not lose interest.

Action – If you have all of the above then the action part is easy, simply because you will be naturally motivated to take action toward it.

Three things you must do to make your goals a reality

Write down your goals – This action gives you the kinesthetic as you write it you remember it clearly. Writing your goals down is much more powerful when you write them as if you have them now. This will evoke the emotions of having it now.

Say it out load – This action is a commitment to your goals. As you tell you, friends and family, you are not only making a commitment to yourself but to the people around you.

Feel the feelings of having it now – When you feel the excitement that goes through your body of having the goal make sure that you think about the last thing that needs to happen before you know you have it NOW!

Explore your why

Why you do what you do and for whom do you serve and for what purpose?

“What is the big ass problem you are solving for the people you serve?”

If you can answer these questions you can begin to move toward your goals.

What you value and believe drives your decisions. Have you ever thought ” I would love to do that but….(limiting decision)….”

It is always interesting to listen to that voice because you may just find that it is not even your voice that created that decision, it might be your parents or friends that you decided to take that belief or value on but is no longer relevant.

There is one more thing to consider and that is your values and principles.

By discovering your core beliefs and values, you will gain a valuable understanding of just who you are and your truth – This can be further enhanced by asking yourself –

“What new values would be useful to me at this time in my life – to enable me to get where I want to go?”

By discovering your values, you can begin to resolve the hidden conflicts in your life, remove stress and give yourself more direction.

We all have beliefs, things we believe we can do and things we believe we can’t.

The fact is – what you believe, tends to happen – so it is far more productive to believe you can – and then just do it!

We all have Core Values

Whether we know what our core values are or not they exist deep inside us. When you start to question why you do what you do or that you suddenly strongly no longer believe what you have always believed then you know that something has shifted. The reason to explore core values is that they are mostly unconscious until you become conscious of them.

When these values and beliefs are compromised, we tend to feel bad, you might say something like “it just doesn’t sit right with me”.

When we are living our lives in alignment with those values we tend to feel more comfortable and more in control, less confusion and frustration and more clarity. Getting clarity on your values gives you a solid foundation to build upon.

Values that can be appropriate for a certain amount of time, ones that we can bring to the fore as required as the events in our lives unfold.

For example; you may want to increase your courage as you start a new job – or you may want to promote your value of “a spirit of adventure” when you have a relationship break up to assist you in building resilience and experience growth.

The action of discovering your values is not easy, but it is beneficial to take the time to do the process; remember values are ways of being, that mean something important to you.

Making decisions becomes a breeze

When you know your values are (and they are in order of importance) decision making becomes far easier – as you just follow your values.

In my experience, it is very useful to become the type of person who moves towards solutions rather than away from problems, because often the quickest way to find a solution is just to charge right at it, rather than avoid it and get all anxious and over think it.

Once your unconscious mind can see your clear list of values and can recognise that achieving these will be good for you, somehow, it just takes you forward. Of course, there will be ups and downs, but at least you will have a map reminding you of what is important to you. Take your time with this – it may take a week or it might take a month, either way it is worth the effort.


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