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What is on Your Mind Matters – 3 Mindset Hacks For The Mindless Rush

You open your eyes first thing in the morning and it’s on!  Your mind is chattering away in the background as you get up and do the autopilot stuff of a morning routine like you just turned the radio on, but it is all in your mind. You look in the mirror… Ouch! Ruff!! Your mind has already jumped into assessing what need to do for the day and is running rampant, and slightly overwhelming with the time restrictions chomping at your heels, or lack thereof. Exercise, Coffee, shower, food…too late, you already picked up the phone and you have started to engage on social media, texts whoops! Phone rings, dogs barking…Noise so much noise but you can still here that self-dialogue of the mind nattering away.  Your looking in the mirror there is a voice saying something disagreeable of what it see in the reflection, you adjust your hair clean your teeth, forget the dunny there is no time!

The mindless rush continues…You are already late, and you haven’t even had something to eat yet. And you are totally unaware of it.  The self-talk is cursing a swearing at yourself and the incompetence of those around you.

This is just a normal day for most of us, and it is mostly unconscious. But if we stopped and took some notice of how we react to the world around us on auto pilot we can notice how what happens in our mind matters, stop, and reassess or even just give yourself permission to truly stop and listen.

What happens in our minds from moment to moment drives our experience.

Have you ever stopped to think “How would I like to experience this instead?” This is powerful for changing the way you experience life. It happened to me the other day after I started the day one the wrong foot. I was totally at the effect of something that threw me at the beginning of the day and my learning was all about detail. I had all the resources I needed but if I had checked the details I would not have been in a situation that I was in. When I reflected on my day of getting lost in the city, I noticed that there was a bit of a theme for the day and it all started with loosing the cat before I caught the bus and I were lost all day! That was how it started and my day rolled like that. I had to laugh because I knew that each situation of not,finding the place I needed to be to not having my notebook to not having my phone charged to, not finding the right bus stop, to not having the right shoes on was being at effect of my mind and what matters is that I kept the theme of lost in my head all day and I literally was lost all day.

When I reflected on my day of getting lost in the city, I noticed that there was a bit of a theme for the day and it all started with loosing the cat before I caught the bus and I were lost all day! That was how it started and my day rolled like that. A little belly laugh was had, because I knew that each situation of not finding the place I needed to be too, not having my notebook to not having my phone charged to, not finding the right bus stop, to not having the right shoes on was being at effect of my mind and what matters is that I kept the theme of lost in my head all day and I literally was lost all day. Have you ever felt like that?

“So, how could I have experienced it differently?”

This is an interesting question and one that you can use each day when things are not going your way. All of the thing that happen you set yourself up for and you can reflect on theses moments and have a giggle and realise what is going on in your mind affects the way you experience life.

We can control our outcomes

You just can’t think because you are too busy reacting to the world around you. GIVE ME A BREAK. I just want peace and quiet! What is on your mind matters, because your mind determines the quality of your outcomes. Your outcomes are the direct effect of what is at the forefront of your mind. Are you feeling three steps behind of three steps ahead all depends on what your mind is focusing on?

Notice if your thoughts are negative or positive re-enforcement? Stop and notice.

Personality types

have you ever wondered why you can realate to some people naturally and to some you just don’t get them and you are sure they are from another planet but you do the exact same job or you are from the same family and they baffle you? thats because we all have different operating systems, not unlike computers. The input in different operating system produce entirely different outcomes? As individuals, we are the same. It all depend on what we have learnt in the past and how we interpret that to get the desired result. Mind matters are little programs we have learnt from our experiences and in split seconds we embed a behaviour that relates to a certain set of frameworks. theses are also your very own signature that is unique to you and your. the answer to personality in play, and there are different

In 1956 the true breakthroughs occurred as a result of Carl Jung and all the way back to Hippocrates who first studied and discovered a system for personality types came the mother and daughter Isabel Briggs-Myers and Katherine Cook Briggs team came up with the Myers-Briggs Type testing Indicators (TM)  who made significant contributions to the knowledge we still use today on personality testing . Today Michael White founder of AusIdentities and Co-founder Brian Williams have made the process or personality testing into Four Types of Australian animals so find out echo you are in the zoo and get the entire family involved because guess what? there is an app for that! Find out how you have different ways we communicate with the world around us because of our personality type tendencies. It’s fun Download the app from the app store and gets the family involved and your workplace too. It can change the way you communicate and interpret the world around you with open eyes.

What is on your mind matters because it chooses what you are turned into.

We must learn to control our pace and know when to stop, reasses and redirect our energy according to our basic survival needs. Breath, water,rest,food and in that order of priority – Linda McCall

Mind matters; regulating that little bit of crazy in us

Adrian Huffington, in her book ‘Thrive’ talks about evicting the obnoxious roommate in your head, and that even our worst enemies don’t talk about us the way we talk to ourselves. I am sure we have all had that crazy bitch in our minds and can fully relate to this.

In the book; she goes on to explain the voice in her head as living with this obnoxious roommate in her head, feeding on putting us down and strengthening our insecurities and doubts. And how she has spent years trying to evict this annoying roommate and how she has now minimised the and regulate this character to the occasional guest appearance in her head.

Intriguingly she mentions what makes it self-dialog mind matters harder for us today is that news and media in all forms are directed at woman, and it seems to reinforce our obnoxious voice inside our mind.

“if you walk in with the fear and anger, you’ll find fear and anger. Go into situations with what you want to find there….When you worry, you’re holding pictures in your mind that you want less of…What you focus upon, you become. What you Focus on comes to you. So hold in your mind what you want more of.” – John-Roger

What is on your mind matters because you become it. You will create it and “make it so” as Capt Picard would say if there are any Trekkies out there reading this.

The main message what we think about we “make it so”, You create the content of your mind so it matters greatly, your inner critic, stop you from your adventures and dreams in life.

Here are three little mind hacks

When you have negative self-talk or an issue is bothering you here is three little mind hacks to move you forward and off the continuous negative spiral of destruction.

  1. Truth – ask yourself ‘is it true?’ When you find yourself saying “oh stupid! and beating yourself up, ask yourself whose voice it is, does it belong to your father, mother, friends etc? it is interesting to recognise the thoughts you have and the where it originated from or how they got there in the first place and why you have decided to take that belief on and for what purpose does it serve?. When you track it back to the source you might find that it came from someone has no influence in your life and it is totally irrelevant to where you are today and what you want for the future
  2. Belief – ‘is it your voice or  does that belief belong to someone else?’ What is your new belief? What is important to you now and start painting your new canvas of how your life looks sounds and feels now. Notice if you are still affected by the past and still operating from there or are you taking control and creating your own experience. Remember to give yourself permission to let go of what is no longer serving you and think about how you created the belief in the first place and how you what to experience it instead.
  3. Flip it – ‘what would I like to experience instead?’ that’s right ‘flip it’ like a pancake and turn it into something that is serving you more, and toward what you want.

All you need to do is ‘flip it’ from negative to positive and make it a thought that is positive and uplifting and toward what you want. Easier said than done but you can do it. e.g ‘I am not worthy’ Flip it ‘I deserve it and I am…”

What is on your mind matters because of the tone of self-talk can change your experience. If you do not question it and change it to make it work for you rather than against you, it can have a great impact on your confidence.

Your mind can be positive or negative and have different effects on how you feel. There are a few ways you can develop better self-talk, which can be as simple as listening to what you’re saying to yourself each day.
It really is as simple as going back to your basic survival skills Breath, water, rest and food and in the at order.

It does not have to be complicated because often when we stop and notice most health issues stem from a lack of these basic survival skills.

The secret is to hack your habits is in the simplicity of going back to basics and our survival skills that don’t work to make them more effective

Our basic survival skills are our critical elements for human survival, so it makes sense to go back and check if we are doing our best to incorporate them into our life.

Our bodies are just trying to communicate and give warning signals when something needs attention. We are meant to be able to heal ourselves, and it might sound simple, but often the simple things are the hardest things to put into practices.

It is nice to know that we can go back to the four basic Survival skills hierarchies for help and I highly encourage you to do this on a regular basis.

Our mind matters depend on basic survival, start very simply with Breath; it is our number one basic survival skill, then comes water, rest and then food. Food is the last on the list for survival. Most of us make food the priority even before water.

When we are out of balance, the body only needs simple things to function, and it will suffer if these for things are not met.

Quite often these simple things are ignored and can cause dis-ease in the body with symptoms of pain. Pain is the body’s way of giving us warnings, just like the dashboard of your car gives you red lights and warnings when you’re out of fuel, water or oil and air in your car tyres.  So often now we are programmed to get the pain killers rather than look at what’s really going on. If you go back to your basic survival skills, you will find a lot of the time that it comes back down to breath and water.

Our mind Matters depends on our basic needs:

1. Breath

We only have 3-5 mins this is about this length of time us human beings can survive without our basic skill of breath it is how we are on this planet living and breathing.

Luckily for most of us, we do it automatically, but also we have gotten into a habit of breathing very fast and shallow, so the cells in our bodies are not being fed properly and cause problems with circulation and we literally starve the body of oxygen through breath which in turn will create stagnation in the body.

When we sleep at night, we hand over the functioning of the body to the unconscious mind to keep the body functioning.

2. Water

We can only survive Three days, without water the body function is very limited as we are made up of 60% to %75 water and hence are affected by Moons which effect tides which in turn affect our functioning of the body-mind Emotions spirit.

Chronic Dehydration is the root of most disease which in turn can cause inflammation in the body, and we must find ways to keep hydrated and with good quality water. Just like “oils ain’t oils” liquid ain’t always hydrating, and the liquids we drink are sometimes only good for cleaning drain pipes!

We lose a lot of fluid during the day, we only replace less than half of the liquid we loose due to lack of education of thinking that fluid is mostly water, so it is ok.

However, the body only recognizes pure water as water, the rest of the fluids are stored and proceed as food, so the body needs to have pure water.

We demand a lot from our bodies, and the best way to get oxygen to the body is through breath and water to feed the cells that assist our muscles and blood to move around the body and keep us functioning normally.

3. Rest

We can survive 5-7 days is our limit to staying alive without any rest, sleep that is our limit of staying awake, so our bodies will start to malfunctions without good rest.

Power Nap- According to studies conducted by NASA on micro-naps and REM sleep, conducted of pilots, the most important nap of all is one taken for ninety minutes between 1-3pm traditional siesta time- which means this is not new information, and it is also a time when the body most craves sleep.

Feeling Tired… Have a nanna nap, if that is not practical spend some time outdoors with your shoes off and sit on the grass connect with the earth and breath in the negative ions and do a breathing meditation. For three minutes and make it longer each time you do it.

Last of all is Food. Which of cause is so readily available, since the hunting part is now done for us, we need only to consume. And therein lies a problem in itself, however, that is an entirely different blog.

4. Food

The food we can survive 7 -9 days is the limit to being able to stay alive without food as fuel.  Processed foods confuse the body, and therefore can create confusion of the mind as the body is working too had to process. Have you ever noticed how good you feel after eating raw food and how little you need to feel full? With processed

With processed foods, however, the body is not sure how to prepare the food for not being able to identify what our basic needs are and deal with it appropriately.

Feeling hungry… each live food you will eat less and feel full quickly.

If there is no nutrition in the food, the body will often try to store it in the body as it thinks it will starve, so it’s storing fat for an emergency for your own survival.

So giving the body food that is closest to the source unprocessed is always the best.

After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart, The best we can do is breather and reboot.-Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City.

Our bodies are stress levels can be managed if we manage these four things well.

It’s about giving your body the best chance and going back to your basic survival skills is the best way to heal your body.

When you are getting warning signs from your body, then go back to basics rather than putting more toxins in the body with painkillers try water first and also give your body time to heal.
Remember you are your best practitioner and you do have the power to heal your body.

Need clarity about something just simply stop and breathe notice how you are breathing and concentrated of feeding the entire body with oxygen. Close the mouth and breath through your nose.

Have a headache, Stop and notice if you are perhaps dehydrated and you are in such a rush you forgot to have water, and all you have had is coffee or tea all day.

Your body registers any liquid you drink that has flavoring or anything other than pure water as food, so make sure you have access to pure, clean energised water.  Most of us are dehydrated, and our bodies are under more stress. Our brains go straight to food when most of the time all we need is quality water.

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