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Mindset Hacks – How to get 7 Steps closer to FREEDOM

Freedom starts in the mind

It is the mindset hacks that get you closer to the freedom. The following freedom formula is a way to simplify your life to maximise opportunity and get you closer to your dreams.

To experience more freedom starts at the core of you. Freedom sometimes seems untouchable right! However, freedom is a choice, and a way of thinking, doing, creating new beliefs. Taking actions toward creating more freedom is also about identifying what is hindering your freedom.

That’s why the best freedom mindset hacks are the one you practice daily to make them a habit so that they become normal and become a way you naturally operate in business and life.

Everyone wants to experience more freedom but what does that freedom look like for you?

What freedom means for you is different to what it means for me. It is up to you to decide what it is you need to satisfy your insatiable hunger for freedom however in saying that, I ask you this; “what are you willing to let go of to achieve more freedom?” Such as the mental and physical habits that hold you captive.

Are you willing to give up Guilt, fear, anxiety, negative self-talk, holding on to the past that no longer serves you today, belief systems that are no longer relevant to get more freedom?

The following freedom formula is a guideline to creating more freedom that can assist you in your daily life and business.

Freedom Formula

Freedom Formula

” Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain…To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choice- today I choose to feel not to deny my humanity but to embrace it.” Kevyn Aucoin


The first part of the FREEDOM formula is Focus

FOCUS on what you want.

freedom mindset

Focus on what you want and the way you want it. It is so much easier to say what you don’t want but when someone asks you what you want we often can’t answer the question. We will jump straight into the dialogue of “well, I tell you what I don’t want….”

Focusing on what you want doesn’t come that naturally. However, what we don’t want seems to slip out without a thought.  This is common so when we focus on what we want we get more of it. Same goes for what we don’t want. It takes a conscious constant effort to focus on what you want the way you want it. Begin to notice when you fear creeps up on you and you start to think of all the bad things that might happen if you do something, catch it and change it to think about all the good things that can happen.

Motorcycle riders
Linda with her dog Dakar Dingo sitting on her BMWR90s motorcycle

Respect for other peoples model of the world. This creates freedom of judgment. Allows you to see other peoples perspectives and open the door to whats possible.

Respect yourself and what you are passionate about so that you can experience the freedom of less judgment and gain more understanding. As you begin to have more respect for self and others you can step away from judgment and distance the emotion to respect other peoples model of the world and experience the freedom of what is important to you today.

“People are only doing the best they can with the information they have at the time” – DR Tad James

Which means that ‘You are doing the best you can with the information you have now’ so don’t be too hard on yourself just know that you can be respectful of where you are now.

maps to explore
Maps to Explore

Explore all possibilities. Explore beyond what has always been done and see it from a new perspective. Become aware of what other ways you can explore giving yourself more options. What is possible? People will tell you it is not possible until it is done, so says the great Nelson Mandela.

Explore. Listen. Hear the silence because within the silence there are the possibilities. Assume everything is possible until proven otherwise, keep exploring.  Give yourself permission to explore the possibilities.

camp fire chats
campfire chats

Spend your energy wisely. Preserve your energy for what is important. Beware of complaining as this will encourage stagnation suffocate or starve you of the energy you are employing.

The power of a campfire has is unquantified. It is energy powered by the energy wood, air, fiction or magnified light to create fire and maintained by air flow. Employing the right fuel to accelerate your performance is key comes down to your basic survival skills; breath, water, rest and food. These basic sources of energy are important for our everyday functionality.  Good quality energy lights the fire of great conversation.

A campfire chat is mesmerizing and fun. Anything is possible around a campfire. Try it some time.

ballooning over canberra
Discover a bird’s eye view

Discover the positive learnings. Discover the positive learnings from every situation good and bad so that you can use them in the future. By doing this you are able to see things from a bird’s eye view and have the ability to detach them from the emotion and see another perspective.

The world in your hands
The world in your hands

Be original and show a little bit of you in everything you do.
People will remember you when you are yourself. They will trust you more and they will appreciate it.

motion of the sea
Waves of motion
What do you value about what you do?

Have you noticed something about each word? do the words feel good for you? Are you comfortable with these words? These are words that are important to my business.

What are the words that are important to your business? Your Values for your business is, what is important about what you do. Take it one step further it is why you do what you do. You’re why is the difference that makes the difference. Why is it important?

Freedom Challenge

Use each day an intention.
Daily & weekly growth hacking formula for better results in business and life.

7 Day Challenge:
Mondays =        Focus
Tuesdays =        Respect
Wednesdays = Explore
Thursdays =      Energy
Fridays =           Discover
Saturdays =      Original
Sundays =        Motion

Repeat for 4 weeks. You will always find something in your day that you can relate each of these values to.

Throughout this challenge, you will discover what hinders your freedom and make it clear that what you need to let go of.

To create more freedom it takes 22 to 66 times of doing that thing that makes you feel free and it all starts in the mind with mind hacks for those who want to be adventure lifestyles. It’s in the little things we do allows us freedom across the board. What does freedom mean to you? Shar in the comments.

Remeber, freedom is at the core of you so take notice of each part of the FREEDOM formula or create your own. Thanks for playing! Adventure On!


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