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How to Navigate Change

How entrepreneurs can navigate the shifting sands of business and the shift to remote business is a lot for some to take in. For others, it has opened up their world, and they have adjusted to the new normal in these new times of constant shift and change. Some have used the change as an opportunity amazing to go remote or even start your own startup. Because now we realise that we can work from anywhere.

Having been a digital nomad for six years now, I have seen the looks on peoples faces when you say your a digital nomad and I travel as a lifestyle, they looked in disbelief and say, “you what?”. Until now!

Now the reality of working a remote lifestyle business has become the new normal and now they have had a taste of it, in 2020 nobody wants to go back to the office.

For many people, the business landscape shifted completely that it demands a new approach in 2021.

1. Connection

Connection is the keyword for this year! As we scrambled last year to switch to Zoom calls, virtual conferences, events. Video for virtual coffees is now what we do, building community on groups on social have boomed. Connection to the internet has got us by the short and curlies, it’s a must. On the positive side, it has brought personal connection to the forefront because now we demand more, but we want real connection since we have be starved of it. It has made us treasure it more.

A lot of business stopped completely which forced us to think out of the box.

Everyone is trying to make a connection and create something meaningful. Others found it an opportunity to go minimalist and start travelling in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic.

2. Change Is The New Normal

The extraordinary people I meet who are adapting to the way they do business through this ever-changing the business climate is so impressive. This change is simply trying something different being agile and shifting towards the demand and not forgetting what it was but focusing on what it could be.

Changing our minds to change the way we experience our lives is seeing the opportunity’s that present amongst the chaos. – Linda McCall

To create a new way to offer the people you serve a new concept of how they can experience your service differently to enhance their life, you create how you can experience business differently. Just maybe it is possible and limitless.

3. No Limitations

We are all affected by the continuous changes life serves out to us, job retrenchments, forced redundancy, business downturns, even the empty nesters have to find a new way. In all of these dramatic life changes our bodies become stressed and we begin to label our ability to DIS. Dis-ease Dis-ability, Dis-appoint, Dis-enchanted.

There is a tendency to reach out for reasons why we can’t, instead of finding the reasons how you can.  Creating limitations for our selves through the unwillingness to change the way we do life.

There are limitations, there is a perfect opportunity to create change from the way we use to do things compared to how we could it if we looked at it from a new perspective.

4. Belief “back yourself”

Believe in yourself. If you don’t, nobody else will. Empowering your self by allowing the change to take place gracefully.

The ability to see the opportunity that occurs in change and allow growth. The belief and knowege that you can change a persons day by a smile is proof that you can make change in in small and positive ways.

It is just knowing how to recognize what changes are happening on a deeper level mentally and spiritually and not blaming external forces. which encompasses our values, what we believe if true for us now.

What we value now before the change occurred might be different after the change or event. So asking your self “what is important to me now?” you might find that it is very different to what it was when you started. A big shift if values is easy to explain to someone who becomes a mum or dad for the first time.

A big shift in what is important to them has been shuffled around to protecting above all cost this little human life. When you have a conflict of values is when you start to hate what you do at work or you don’t believe in the company you work for. Then it’s time to make some changes. Often we are not even aware of it consciously.

Taking responsibly for where we are today, taking ownership and finding new ways can take courage and the need for new strategies, and most of all self-acceptance. Be your own best leader, and believe that you can.

The Art of Adventure

It is a new form of adventure, you don’t know the outcome but lets give it a go. The way we do business and life is the new art form, that requires new colours and medium. It is a new contemporary canvas that oozes an opportunity to give value, share your experience, listen and to learn. 

The world is my classroom, and the people I encounter are my teachers. As I share my knowledge and teach them, in that alone, I am the student.

“Teacher- student there is no difference”. Tammy Williams NRG Yoga

Simplicity & Complexity

The change I am experiencing becoming a digital nomad and doing business with no fixed address has taught me about simplicity and complexity all at the same time.

Letting go of the complexity of a house and all the stuff to travelling full time was a big adjustment but the relief of letting go of all the complexity was wonderful. I am not saying you should become a digital nomad. All I want to convey is that through all the changes that may occur. give yourself time to reflect on simplifying the complexity that surrounds it and break it into small simple steps. Notice how you learn through the good and the bad.

It is changing the way I do life and business and my expectations on myself and others.

The continuous change of environment as a digital nomad demand even more forward planning in business. But also the beauty of flexibly, seeing the opportunity and acting on it. It’s the same for you through all the change in 2020, look for the opportunity and act on it.

So Far…

The opportunity to observe what is working and what is not working in my life and in business is presenting day by day. However, ultimately I experiencing growth, something new in myself and in the way I respond to the world in every day.

As a digital nomad Startup, you are tackling the shifting sands constantly, and as a nomadic startup, it helps because it allows you to engage with customers, is changing my expectations on myself and others.

It is bending my reality and forcing me to express from the heart space not so much on the headspace. It is allowing me to notice the automatic roll play I accepted and installed for myself over time unconsciously, and became conscious of it.

As I observe my life in the dismantling of it, the way I use to do it, piece by piece, (going from having all the stuff to travelling and minimalist life) I am able to notice how I play out my life, in my relationships and how it affects my business. I am able to grow and learn in every day throughout this experience.

Quotes by Linda McCall with Canva

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