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8 Questions To Help You Get More Truth, Freedom & Adventure In Your Life

It is the new year, and this time of year triggers us to reassess and create new goals and outcomes. However, we CAN do this any time we like. Agreed? We are only locked into this idea of the new year by the illusion of time.

If you feel like you missed the boat with your new year’s resolution don’t worry, just remember the new year is essentially just a new day, and it is a new opportunity. A collation of new moments and that new moment is now. Each moment is in fact an opportunity to start something new. So essentially, instead of having a new year’s big bang celebration and resolutions, why not ensure you celebrate often throughout the year as you stay focused on better outcomes that enhance your life and those around you.

A new day is an opportunity to begin with curiosity and joyfulness. How you will affect the world around you with full intention and curiosity.


What is a value a personal value and living your truth is what we all want but often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to please those around us. Expectations of other can be heavy. But who sets up expectations?

You do, you have a set of expectations you play by consciously and unconsciously and sometimes you can go through life allowing reacting to what you think is expected of you.

I know this experience well, because I played by those rules for a very long time, unconsciously playing the role that I thought others wanted me to play. But the truth is I set up the expectations based on others expectations and mindlessly being the clown in my own circus.

Often it takes an interruption of patterns we have set up, that allows us a space to see things from another perspective.

This interruption of life patterns can be a sudden loss of a job you have had for a long time or change in relationship, marriage or partner or in a sudden illness that forces us to look at our lives closer and understand what matter most now is not necessarily what mattered before circumstances changed.

Holidays are a pattern interrupt, that allows you space to see things from a new perspective, talk to family and friends, an opportunity to stop and recognise what worked and what’s not serving you.

The fact is that we don’t have to wait for the new year to happen to embrace life and make changes we can do this any time we decide. Even if you did set goals and expectations and suddenly they have been blown out of the water due to unexpected circumstances than just know there is always an opportunity where there is disruption.

If you experienced a rough ride this year like most of us because of global disruption with COVID 19 than taking the time to reassess is always beneficial.

The following questions are prompts and are some very basic questions you can ask yourself, to get the thought juices flowing.

These questions will assist you to change the way you currently look at your circumstances, bring more freedom and allow you to experience your most excellent adventure yet.

Answer them in a positive and uplifting way to get the best results (assume the best results), also spend the time to write them out and process it as best you can.

Q #1. What do I value now?  

What do you mean by value? I hear you ask… What you value now might be; e.g. after being forced to work from home during COVID you value not having to travel as much to work each day, or you value having a safe place for your family and might be considering moving to a regional area.

Q #2. What is important to me now? (dig deeper)

Knowing what is important to you today in all areas of your life is about know what you are focusing on in your everyday life. Family, business, health, wealth, hobbies are all areas of your life you spend time on. Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to do the things we love. What you focus on is not always aligned with what you want, so be mindful with what you focus on, because that is where the energy flows.

Global Experiences

Being aware of what you value in a hierarchy of what is most important to you, and what is least important is a great to be consciously aware of what is important to you today.

 What we valued one year ago, even 3 months ago or depending on your circumstances it could be one day. Whatever the time frame it does not really matter, it may be slightly different to what you value today.

So, take the time to evaluate what you is import to you in all areas of your life. Try doing a mind map, be creative.

  1. How can I enhance my connections more in 2020?  

Through this disruption, communication has changed.

We can connect in a multitude of ways to enhance our experiences.  Look at groups you can join who are interested in the things you love.

You could volunteer to get more connect with communities you care about or start a group, these things can help your to enhance your skill sets. No one is ever to important to help others by volunteering time and effort. Some of the most famous people in the world volunteer and they have all the money and success in the world.

I am lucky but also I close a partner who had the same values and interests as me, so now my adventurous partner Mark and I live a global lifestyle. We chose to sell up everything we owned and decided to go on an adventure.

The adventure is called “Life” and how we can be experiencing new freedom without the stuff, the house, the multitude of complexity.

The collection of energy, compiled over time. The idea was to explore the possibility and discover and experience life differently.

  • How can I create and focus on more of what I enjoy this year?

Worrying about what has happened to you that changed the circumstances is not what you want to focus on. It’s more about having control of your circumstance by not blaming others and taking ownership. This is a difficult one for some people to deal with. Taking ownership is like being the captain for your ship.

What stands in the way of you controlling what you want?

In my experience, this is when you are often saying things like I hate my job, there must be more to life than this etc. When this happens then you need to take some time to think a bit deeper about where you are today.

As I continue to travel, I am connecting with people, places and nature on an entirely new level.

I talk to people, connect with new ideas of the startup community’s all over the country and globally, we volunteer our time as coaches on Startup Weekends because I love it, I am giving and that is a natural state. Learning from others is so valuable and I learn extensively as I continue our discovery and embrace the opportunities.

Living inflow

You will find that the more you have an intention to serve others, people opened their doors.

Nature expresses its full beauty as we venture out to experience our world differently as digital nomads.

Doing life differently without the distractions of a stagnant life day in day out and living in flow as we experience how other people live and understand more about human behaviours.

Nothing of what I have mentioned is right or wrong it is what it is, choices, perceptions and just how we have chosen to live and experience life, it is different for everyone.

My point is that you make your situation what you want. If you don’t like it change it. You have the power to change every micro moment. You have influence where you are not even aware of, so be mindful of your state of mind. I acting like a Victim or am I taking control and being the victor by controlling my circumstances to my best ability.

  • How can I create more clarity of what I want to experience?

Getting clarity as to what you want to experience in this year ahead is simply asking the question and taking the time to process it on paper. Most people won’t ask the question and let alone take the time to understand where you are at, thinking that they don’t have control. Even when you think you don’t you do.

Intention + action creates momentum of infinite possibility

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

With this, I want to share with you “be careful what you wish for because you will get it”. Be specific with what you want to experience and you will recognise it when it comes into your life.

Also, with that is the notion to be a little bold and a bit crazy and just go for it, think big!

Take big actions toward achieving it. Well, I believe if you don’t try you will never know if you fail you will learn, it is a win, win!

Our personal journey so far was bigger than I ever dreamt. I had the opportunity to lap Australia on my motorbike, gave me much more than I could think possible, life has lovely surprises. Might I suggest not be too concerned with the “how” just be open to the what you want to experience specificly and for what purpose the “Why” and take action toward it.

We have discovered more freedom and clarity by connecting with likeminded people we didn’t know the how we just knew the what and when.

However, as I have discovered time and time again, is that when it comes to change, CHANGE it will boldly ask you “what you are willing to let go of?”

  • What are you willing to let go of this year that will give you more freedom?

With trust in ourselves and in each other. Mark and I lapped Australia. We discovered people and places we had not experienced before and continue to explore Australia’s business communities of the outback, remote areas and connect globally with business communities via the internet cosmos.

Building trust with communities is also about sharing personal stories and making personal connection.

We have connected with Start-ups, Net workers, BNI’s, Innovation hubs, farmers, digital nomads, big business, small business and government bodies in all states of Australian and international.

Now we are living in Europe we are finding little pockets of like minded individuals and connecting with amazing people all over the place.

What we learnt is that there is creating trust by reaching out and talking to people sharing your experience and hearing the stories you gather trust and you begin to find trusted people you want to do business with.

  • How can I build more trust?

 We journey along in life very simply these days, with a motorbike a 4 wheel drive, a tent and trusty dog and of course the most used things we travel with is our Microsoft surface pros. We minimized to maximize our life experience. A lesson in detachment and letting go.

Detachment from all the stuff, was such a journey in itself when I sold up everything over a year ago. What I thought was important became just stuff and replicable. I understood a different level of existence and that was simplicity and all the stagnation we can create, and what we think we need we really just want. I now understand more about keeping it simple. And the books (my favourite thing ever) now don’t gather dust on a shelf, I hand them on to enhance someone else’s world and that the right book will come to you when you need it.

  • How can I minimise to maximise my experience?

Home is where your heart is and where the people you choose to share your life with and open to meeting. You realise that you don’t need what you use to think was important to you. The things you collect and gather dust for the sake of propagating dust mites!

The detachment process is cleansing to say the least and we can experience life from simplicity, life becomes more about experiences rather than things.

  • What are my comfort zones?

Knowing your comfort zones is about listening. Listen to when you say things like ‘ I could never do that’ or just notice the thing you limit yourself with.

  • How can I communicate better with myself and others?

Communication can be tricky, especially when it comes to self-talk. Listen to what you say to yourself or the chatter in your head when something happens, because and ask yourself questions like “according to whom?” because often the belief that you have about yourself is all in your head and we can be quite negative toward ourselves at times. To the point where you don’t even hear it anymore, it’s just normal. Your inner voice can be your greatest enemy or your most effect coach. What do you choose? As for others just remember ‘perception is projection’ which means what you perceive of others is of yourself.


Stepping outside the comfort zone, is where the gold is. But what if you gave yourself permission and that, just maybe as simple as you could conceive a dream and act on it gracefully. All this is often on the outside of your comfort zone.

When you step out of that comfort zone and notice what comes up for you emotionally, accept it and learn something from it. To embrace the ability to enjoy the change even if it feels uncomfortable. Even if the change was effected by something outside of you and it seems like you didn’t have a choice, we have the opportunity to learn from it and that freedom comes from you, you create it.


Opportunities only appear when you are open to it.

Having been on the road for 15 months is that it is abundant with choices and the connecting with people and places you would on experience when on holidays we experience often and gifts us with opportunity if you are open to it. I have met challenges but the opportunities are energic and profound.

I would like to extend a big thank all who have shared our journey with us so far and to stay connected. Each & every one of you have been our teachers. We have also met magical people who surround us, like minded adventurous souls, who inspire and shine the light on how life can be a different experience. It is all a matter of communication and choices.


We are all challenged with life changing events in the shape of loss of loved ones, tragedy, life threatening health issues, relationship separation, however these events all ask us;

“What beliefs and attitudes am I prepared to change in myself help me grow”?.

May I encourage you and write down these two questions and take a moment to write out what is in your mind give yourself the space and time to process.

The extraordinary

On my journeys, I have met extraordinary people, I am blessed to have fabulous connections, workshopped with start-ups and worked with small businesses and shared perspectives.  Talked about ideas and innovation and gradually noticing little pockets of likeminded people thinking outside the box and wanting to experience life differently. 

As a coach and businesswoman, I am not immune to any of what I have talked about that is why I write about it. Like any business person, business is a personal journey.  The best gift I can get from life is to meet these extraordinary souls, changing the way they experience life and to hold a space for others to enjoy. That’s what it is all about, experiences, adventure and the people. It is the people who ultimately inspire me.

Discover your Road to Freedom

This is a workshop I am sharing with community’s globally, online and live events. The Road to Freedom is a way of life for me now, it is how I operate it is my chosen way to add value to the world as I travel. It addresses the simple fact that we complicate our lives and that all relationships and communication starts with the relationship communication with ourself. This course is for a personal transition, for anyone who wants to take a new direction in life but is unsure of what they want. Or they know what they want they don’t know how to start.

Join the Adventure

Come and join our half-day Road to Freedom workshops as we tour Australia. Tickets on event bright check events on the website Come and join our online community and start working on that dream you have always wanted to explore. Coaching Camps are run 4 times a year.

I continue to be inspired by the people I meet and hope to see you on my journey. Come and share your adventures and be a part of a like-minded community all moving toward your dreams and learn how to make them a reality.

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