Learning to Fly


Welcome to Adventure Lifestyle Coaching, where we believe that a life of travel and exploration can be a powerful journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Our founder, Linda McCall, has dedicated her life to creating a path where she dictates the when and where of her travels, steering her own course with autonomy and purpose.

Linda’s professional career began as an international flight attendant, a role that sparked her passion for travel and adventure. She then served in the Royal Australian Air Force for five years, honing her skills and discipline. Over the next 15 years, Linda worked with various airlines, from Kendal Airlines, covering regional ports, to Qantas, managing national routes. Her career also included a stint in the Private VIP sector with Net Jets Middle East, where she flew for the Saudi Ministry of Finance and Foreign Affairs on a Boeing Business Jet, before returning to Qantas as an International Flight Attendant.

Living and working in the Middle East deepened Linda’s desire to create something meaningful and personal. Her global travels intensified this aspiration, leading her to learn to fly and eventually establish her first company. This pivotal achievement marked her transition from aviation to entrepreneurship, embodying her continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Linda’s entrepreneurial journey has been a transformative leap of faith. She realized her dream of living abroad and founded a global company dedicated to helping others design their ideal lifestyles. Passionate about empowering others, Linda combines her extensive travel experience and entrepreneurial spirit to guide her clients on their paths.

In addition to her aviation and entrepreneurial achievements, Linda is an avid motorcyclist. She has ridden solo across three continents, including a circumnavigation of Australia, a solo journey from San Francisco to New York, and adventures throughout Europe. These experiences have shaped her into a modern nomad and a dedicated mentor.

At Adventure Lifestyle Coaching, Linda shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences to help you embark on your own transformative journey. She provides the tools and guidance necessary to craft a unique and fulfilling lifestyle. Your adventure in self-discovery and personal growth begins here.

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