The Explorers mindset program is for startups because  “Startups are the explorers of the business world” – Mark Phillips of Business in Barefeet.

So your an EXPLORER & you’ve finished your Startup Weekend, you have pitched your ideas. Maybe a Pitch Competition, Entrepreneurial course or just determined it’s time to create your first real startup. Well welcome, we are here to help you keep the momentum and keep your new adventure growing.

Facilitated by Linda McCall & Mark Phillips who will take you through the next stage of preparation for the next adventure & introduce you & your team to the Action, Acceleration & Accountability processes to keep the momentum in the team focused on continuous growth.

This is done on line with google hang out and you will need to have be prepared to grow and be committed your startup and really want to take it to the next level.

What you get:

  • Strategies & tools to keep the momentum
  • Team values
  • FREE access to select Business in Bare Feet videos
  • FREE audios access by Lind McCall
  • Team dynamics
  • Prosperity mindset
  • What to expect in the first quarter
  • Goal setting for team & individual
  • What to expect from your piers, family and friends and how to combat it
  • Drill down on who your customer is and much more…

Why would you this Explorers Program?

There is a certain mindset that goes with success of a new startup, so creating a certain plan is a good start & strategies to get it all happening without the team imploding is essential.

We have witnessed so many teams and their successes, and then a week later it’s total confusion because the team loses momentum. We can show you how to keep that momentum. After which Mark will take you through what is involved in the next stage of your journey.

It can be pretty daunting but awesome & adventurers love exploring new ways to be more effective and make an impact on the problem they are want to solve.

You’ve got so much running through your head that its hard to work out where to start.  Now that its for real.  We want to help you get your future adventure and make it the most successful possible.

Don’t worry.  Startup overload happens. This is normal.  So let’s continue to use the ‘lean startup model’ and keep the wheels of your startup moving.

Find out more about whats next for a Startup: The First 100 Days of Your Startup the Bootstrapping Startup Mentoring by Mark Phillips