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Before you go any further, please take the time to read the following first.

I would like to share my story & other health tips of the mind-body connection.

This Health Tips page was created for those interested in the deeper meaning of why they have health issues occur in the body and what your body is trying to communicate with you.

My mind body connection journey began through my study’s in Eastern Philosophy back in 2003 that began with and a Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine.

As a practising Shiatsu therapist for over a decade, my studies sparked my interest on the effects of health through food energetics.

I quickly discovered that when working with the body,  you are working with the mind. This became a passion, which leads me to study then NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the Hypnosis as powerful tools to gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connections healing processes.

Interestingly, in Eastern philosophy the gut is known as the ‘abdominal brain’ and to give you a better understanding of what I am talking about is to listen to the natural response language in a time of stress.

When the body is stressed you may have heard or even said yourself  “I just can’t stomach that”. When this occurs we are saying that the first place it affects us is the stomach or gut area.

Again, when you are about to do something a bit scary, you might say “I have butterfly is my tummy”.

These statements are a clear indication that your “gut brain” is active and listening into the neuro-pathways for all the subliminal messages that give us the fight or flight response.

When the gut is stressed, it is your body communicating with you, giving you indications, clues of what is going on at a deeper level. The gut is the first place we feel stress. The first place you usually notice it stress is in the stomach, it affects your stools and the acidic balance processes of the stomach (e.g., consistency of your poo!). Watch your evacuations of the body, this is an indication of your bodies environment and how your internal health is going. Our bodies are always giving us little clues emotionally and physically so try to listen to your body as much as you can.

When we are stressed, we tend to ignore the warning signs of the body and just get on with things instead of taking notice and dealing with the emotions that triggered it in the first place. If this dis-ease continues and is not addressed it can manifest itself in the body over time, a create different levels of dis-ease,  and eventually a major life-threatening dis-ease.

In the work I have been doing over the past decade with clients,  one thing that is prominent is that when a change occurs in people’s lives, the gut needs extra care and support.

My experience of health crisis during and when I left the corporate world. It was undergoing a massive mind shift. My body was stressed because I know had to find my way in the world without the cushy easy job I had known for two decades.

All my smooth support systems had disappeared my body went into an internal frenzy, almost like a child having a tantrum and it manifested as a dis-ease in my body.  A cool calm exterior but my inner body was flipping out.  I was showing all the signs of significant stress.  I had major skin eruptions and gut problems; I experienced major issues with my health where I couldn’t go out into the public I looked terrible. I was so confused and frustrated.

Then I saw an opportunity to go on an adventure. I discovered most people suffer very simple things such as dehydration and toxicity of the gut. These factors had a direct affect on the mind-body balance and your overall health. However, going on my adventure riding across America solo on my motorbike I took some simple herbs to support me I did some coaching with a coach and I was back to normal. Something shifted inside me, emotional, mentally, like I just regained my power back ready for my new life adventure as an Entrepreneur, doing what I love.

My clients are my greatest teachers. I am grateful to them every day for trusting me and following their gut instincts to trust that they are working with me for reasons on an unconscious level that is them learnings skills to take care of themselves and regain their power and find their adventurous spirit and have an awareness and heal their mind-body health holistically.

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Spleen Stomach 

The key to

Balancing the Blood sugar

Booting Energy

Enhancing Digestion

Increasing Concentration

Releasing worry and obsession

The spleen is paired with the stomach and assists in the transformation and transportation of food and drink.  The action of chewing prepares the food for the transforming and transporting work of the stomach spleen.  If either organ does not correctly transform food, this can build up of excessive dampness (water retention and mucus) and congestion.  It saps our vitality and further weakens digestion, giving rise to symptoms such as fullness and bloating reduces appetite, hiccups, loose stools and flatulence and contributes toward a sluggish lymphatic system.


The earth phase is associated with late summer. It is a time of balance, transformation and neutrality. Describing it in nature’s cycles, the Earth phase is when the flowers from summer have transformed themselves to fruits.  It is a time for ripening, just like the key function of one of earths organs the stomach, “ripening and rotting”.  It encompasses everything about the earth and examples being steady, grounded and secure, with the fruits of the harvest in abundance.

Colour is Yellow associated with the Earth Element and is reflected in the golden hues that are so prevalent in late summer.  When there is a spleen imbalance the skin will have a yellow tinge in the skin tone.   A passion for the colour or conversely a strong dislike of yellow, can point to an imbalance in this element.

Time of day: 7-9 Stomach and 9-11 Spleen good time for stomach to be digesting food and spleen to finish this transformation.

Body tissue:

The Spleen controls the condition of our flesh and muscles a firm, toned body is a good indication of strong spleen energy.  On the other hand, poor circulation obesity, flabby flesh, lack of muscle tone and feeling of fatigue or heaviness in legs weak muscles and atrophy of the flesh also connect to the earth element the texture of the flesh is not smooth, has an appearance of a watery version of cellulite.  Poor circulation is common in woman.

Sense Organ:

The mouth is the orifice or opening governed by the Earth Element and has a direct relationship with the spleen.  The mouth secretes saliva, which is the fluid secretion of the earth element; a deficiency of fluid secretion will prevent food from being digested properly.


The Lips are thought to reflect the strength of the stomach and spleen.  When they are moist and soy, these organs are healthy and strong; when they are pale and dry, these organs need some attention.


Obsession, over-protective, co-dependent sympathy, insecurity, worry, poor memory, excessive dampness of the body (water retention, excessive mucus) weight gain, congested lymphatic issues, ungrounded and scattered emotionally.

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