Welcome to Adventure Lifestyle Coaching – where it’s time to design your life in a way that truly resonates with you. If you’re drawn to living an unconventional lifestyle, whether it’s traveling and working from anywhere or creating an expat lifestyle in new corners of the world, having someone who understands your wild change can make all the difference.

Linda has crafted this blog and coaching content specifically for individuals seeking to embrace an unconventional lifestyle. What sets Adventure Lifestyle Coaching apart is the array of opportunities it offers. Whether you’re looking to embark on a Freedom Lifestyle Project, live and work remotely from different corners of the globe, or build a thriving business while on the road – Adventure Lifestyle Coaching has you covered.

As a digital nomad for nearly a decade, Linda has been living and working on the road full time, immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiences while helping others do the same. She co-founded Nomad Stays, a global accommodation platform, and serves as a startup mentor at Business in Bare Feet. Linda not only talks the talk but lives and breathes her unconventional lifestyle, all while assisting others in creating their own.

Linda brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having been trained by the internationally recognized Tad James Company as a Master NLP coach. She’s also a Yoga Teacher Trainer in Power Yoga and holds a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies from East West College. Linda’s lifetime of travel experience, coupled with her military service training, lays the foundation for her role as a travel expert.

If you’re ready to break free from the ordinary and embark on a life of adventure, Linda and Adventure Lifestyle Coaching are here to guide you. Let’s create your unique path to an extraordinary, unconventional life together.