Road To Freedom Resources

Road To Freedom Workshop Resources

If you have completed the Road to Freedom Workshop here are some resources you can utilise at home.

The Road to Freedom Workshop was designed for people wanting to start their road to becoming an entrepreneur. Working from anywhere and creating a business where you have the freedom to work from home or anywhere in the world.

The workshop is now an online course, where you have a personal Facebook community to ask questions and share your work and progress. You also have access to Global mentors and community.

Audio Resources for Personal Use:

Elicitation of Your Personal Time Record

This is a process of visualisation so that you can plant the seed of your dreams and desires into the future and make them real. 3mins 15 sec duration

Golden White Light Visualisation – 6mins 22 sec

Golden white light is a six-minute guided meditation to help you unwind, sit with your breath and get into the practice of visualisation.

20 Minute Body Scan Meditation – 20mins

Created for you to have a guided meditation to allow you to check-in with your body and give back so love and nurturing to the body. Based on Eastern Philosophy studies it gives you a wonderful overview of the body and it pure essence of elements that help us to function and stay motivated. If you want to regain a connection with the body this is a lovely meditation to help you unwind.

4 Basic Survival Skills- 5min 31sec

These four basic survival skills are to help you with a simple way to look at our health from the four basic needs of the body BREATH, WATER, REST, FOOD and in that order. I explain why each area is for basic survival. When things get complicated or you are feeling unwell always go back to the basics.