Startup Mentor

Startup Mentor Linda McCall

‘Ideas are seeing a problem in the market. Finding a solution is about giving first. Pitching that solution to the problem is taking the first step to creating valuable change. A startup is taking that idea and scaling it globally’. – Linda McCall


You might not think you want a coach and you already be in business, but then again, you might also be transitioning into a startup full time or are pivoting in life and in business.

This is an excellent time to leverage a coach.

What use to work is not working for you now and you may need to engage a mentor to reassess your business strategy or reassess so strategies through in the way you are applying yourself. As a digital nomad and 18 months on the road connecting with startups all over Australia and the globe,

Linda is a digital nomad and has a passion for connecting with startups and people in business to help them move toward their dreams with effective NLP strategies and tools to assist growth. Linda has been traveling and connecting with startups all over Australia and the globe, volunteering her time assisting with Startup weekends and startup youth.

Linda is well equipt to assist you in understanding the business model canvas, guiding you in business with social media enhancements or perhaps finding new strategies that work for you.

With her team, they are facilitating workshops for startups and business people helping them connect, create more freedom and inspire them with more adventure. Sometimes the internet is not enough. We specialize with startups, growth hacking, mind hacking, through Exploring your dreams, connecting you to the right people, sharing and encouraging you to expand your mind to what is possible.

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