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    Take Command Of Your Life Experience – ‘Make it so’

    “Seize the time…Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come agian” – Jean-Luc Picard ‘Make it so’! In navigating your experience in life who makes it so? You do of course. Your reality is what you want to experience, you will filter information that way. You will only take in the information that you can delete distort and generalize from your past experiences. And then, you will ‘make it so’ in the words of Jean Luke from Star Trek. (sorry I can’t resist it, but only the Trekkies will appreciate it!) Take Command of your own ship The command to ‘make it so’, is not…

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    Determined What are you determined to explore… Are you determined to, create or become or to know what it is you want?  If you have lost your job or facing the challenge of finding your true direction, facing life say, after divorce.  Or have you realised you need to start following your dreams rather than someone else’s and you are now open to possibilities?  Then start exploring now. Get determined to make it happen now!