Career Transition

Helping you career transition to a meaningful fulfilling life and business

Your 4 week step by step program for rekindling passion and build a meaningful business or lifestyle.

This is a 4 week 8 module personal mindset online program with 8hrs 1:1 coaching to assist you through major life change. Before you start your new adventure you need to get your mindset in the right space.

Find out how to create an extraordinary successful life, business with true soul purpose.

Create more adventure, rediscover where that adventurous ‘you’ went.

Discover your new compass baring & direction, get clarity & start having more fun with your life/business.

Learn to combat Anxiety and change your Language to change your life with the powerful tools of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. This skills you will have for life.

Discover your soul life purpose, as you shed the heavy emotional baggage that holds you back from a future life you love.

In the privacy of your own space on your own schedule with online ease & flexibility.

If  you can feel the winds of change, but your not sure you have the courage or the tools to do it, then I can help you navigate this. Just like a tour guide I help you explore and discover how to begin your next phase in life to that you have true diection and purpose.

Get rid of all the excess baggage weighing you down, more than likely it is not relevant any more you just not aware of it.

Your in the right place at the right time.

Here inside this program are the mapping & navigation tools you need to help you through this change.

Go beyond your current reality and limitations & realise your true potential & life path.

  • Explore & discover your strength
  • Discover the freedom
  • Create the lifestyle the way you always dreamed
  • Transform old mind patterns.


Work book down load + video’s

Week 1 

Problem / Solution

Where are you now and where do you want to be?

+ Task. Live chat 2 hour over 2 consecutive days

Week 2

Limitiing Decisions & Future Pace

+Task. Live chat

Week 3

5 Areas of Values 

+Task. Live chat

Week 4 

Create your Future

+ Task. Live chat

This program is designed to help you on your way toward what you want. If you keep on getting the same result then something has to change. You can make the change.

To understand what you want you first need to know what is holding you back, beliefs, that have played out in your unconcious mind for decades that are stoping you from living a truely fulfilling life that makes you truely happy.

Think about this for a moment; ‘What does it mean for you to be happy?’

Happiness is what we all desire and truely deserve.

Why? because your happiness is vital to creating a life that is meaningful. Remeber, your dreams really do matter. You play an important role in creating a better world & the way you experience it.

Free Consultation 15 -20 mins


Only $997

Note: For more intense programs see DREAM BIG Project.