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Digital Nomads are Changing the Way We Experiance Business

Global nomads changing the way we do life


The digital nomad community is growing. The desire to create more freedom in life. A need to create a soul deep adventure-driven lifestyles is nipping at the heels of inspired entrepreneurs globally.  It is biting down on the very day office goer with a hunger for adventure and possibility of how they could do life differently. To experiencing the extraordinary.

The extraordinary

Meeting the people of the Australian outback, the extraordinary people, farmer, business owners, the entrepreneurs keeping the community alive.

It seems more and more that people are recognising the possibility that technology gives them  to keep connected and be location independent.  Farmers are jumping on the band waggon with the alleviate the pain through valuable technology and information at their finger tips that makes their daily demands on 10,000 + acre more accessible.

A decision to create ways to explore the way we all do business.  It seems to be a knowing that it is time to gather all your resources.  This is how we grow in this ever changing environment.


As we travel is beautiful landscape we call Australia, we are seeing and learning what is happening in communities all over., we have seen towns turn into ghost towns how some communities are thriving, while others are struggling.

One thing that is in common is the need to diversify and encourage new ideas, competition and change.

As we travel around we are mentoring and coaching at startup weekends all around the world and connecting with people from all walks of life all curious about what it takes to get innovation out there into the real world.

Global Startup community

They are jumping on the startup waggon to get their ideas out there and help their industries and look to the future of technology, embracing this new location independent way of doing business.

Through this ever-changing business climate, we are removing the barriers that demand the need to look at how we do our life styles and how we can do it differently.

This change might look and sound like madness, but there is no madness in trying something different. It is noticing what we value now.

Business community is collaborating in shared spaces, were there is minds merging and business becoming to change the way we experience our lives is seeing the opportunity’s that present among the chaos.

To create a new way to offer the people you serve a new concept of how they can experience your service differently to enhance their life, you create how you can experience business differently. Just maybe it is possible and limitless.

No Limitations

We are all affected by the continuous changes life serves out to us, job retrenchments, forced redundancy, business downturns, even the empty nesters have to find a new way.

There is a tendency to reach out for reasons why we can’t, instead of finding the reasons how you can.  Creating limitations for our selves through the unwillingness to change the way we do life.

Where there are limitations, there is a perfect opportunity to create change from the way we use to do things compared to way we could it if we looked at it from a new perspective.

Empowering our selves by allowing change to take place, the ability to see the opportunity that allows growth. it is just knowing how to recognize what changes are happening on a deeper level mentally and spiritually.

Taking responsibly for where we are today, taking ownership and finding new ways can take courage and the need for new strategies, and most of all self acceptance.

This adventure is contemporary no-madness!  It is the new art form that requires new colours and medium, a new contemporary Australian canvas that oozes an opportunity to share my gifts and to learn.

Our Adventure It is my class room,  and the people of the outback I encounter are my teachers as I teach them, they teach me and hopefully  I take the learning.

“Teacher- student there is no difference”. Tammy Williams NRG Yoga

Driven by my passion  for adventure to express my work as a career/life transition coach in a way that I will be of  the most benefit to the people outback  experiencing major change.

Simplicity & Complexity

The change I am experiencing becoming a contemporary nomad and doing business with no fixed address, is teaching me about simplicity and complexity all at the same time. The simplicity of not having a bed only a swag and the complexity for finding internet, finding my clients who need me the most and sharing my offerings , and also living out of a bag.

It is changing the way I do life and business and my expectations on myself and others. The continuous change of environment demands even more forward planning in business. but also the beauty of flexibly, of seeing opportunity and acting on it.

On my journey so far I have had an opportunity to observe what is working and what is not working in my life and in business. However, ultimately I am experiencing growth, something new in myself and in the way I respond to the world in my every day. It is changing my expectations on myself and others. It is bending my reality and forcing me to express from the heart space not so much on the head space.  It is allowing me to notice the automatic roll play I accepted, and installed for myself over time unconsciously, and became conscious of it.

As I observe my life in the dismantling of it, the way I use to do it, piece by piece, I am able to notice how I play out my life, in my relationships and how it affects my business. I am able to grow and learn in every day throughout this experience.

If fear, anxiety or the big D (depression) has crept into your life, then and you are experiencing some kind of major life transition, be it career change from the military service to civilian life, mining industry redundancy, aviation or just recognising  a need for a new direction, and to understand your core values, then the Real Inspired Dreams coaching company has a program for you.

Go online and come and join us at Real Inspired Dreams one day coaching workshops and begin your journey forward toward your new future.

As we tour Australia and the outback we will do live 1 day events so that you can begin.  Find out what’s happening in a town near you (link to RIDs). You will find a program that will suit your needs just call and have a free 30 min consultation.

Come and Play

 Join our online community to continue to inspire you toward your dreams and learn how to make your dreams come true. However, I will warn you to be carful what you wish for, because you just might get it!



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