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4 Commitments that Will Change Your Life

4 Commitments that Will Change Your Life


Commitment is what we need to prosper and grow.

It all begins with accepting responsibility for where you are today.

You can feel the winds of change coming but you don’t know what it looks like. It’s OK not to see the path in front of you, but the commitment to give it a go and begin the journey is essential to discovering your strengths in the process.

Through the act of ‘adventure’ you can discover your strengths and the old negative beliefs will slide away. Ultimately your new strengths become your new reality.

I remember only 3 years ago I got a phone call out of the blue from an acquaintance. In the person’s enquiry for information from me, I myself gained useful information that changed the course of my life.

I remember putting down the phone and thinking “Wow”, I am going to take the opportunity and leave my employer (of over 12 years) and start something new.

“That decision was my commitment to the future me.”

That conversation took me to the realisation that I was overdue for this change. That I had wanted change for a while but didn’t know how it could happen. It was that all over ‘absoluteness’ and ‘commitment’ to do it differently (whatever ‘it’ was, I didn’t yet know). All I knew was I had this opportunity and it felt like the right thing to do.

But do what? That was the big question and my next conversation.

I knew in my gut that this was right but I didn’t know what the ‘it’ was that I was going to do. I just knew I had to do ‘it’ differently. I was terrified and excited all at the same time.

Why did I have this commitment to change? Because at the time I was committed to getting my pilot licence.

An adventure I never really believed was possible because I was not sure I could trust myself to fly a plane. But I needed a proof point.

The proof point was a good enough reason to go on that adventure to prove to myself that I could achieve it. And I ultimately exceeded my own (previous) belief systems by accepting that my adventure was really a journey of self-discovery.

So below are some of the topics that come up when I had my own sudden change of life. By addressing these items along the way I ultimately changed the course of my own life and enhanced the way I experience my world today.


“Commitment is the key to creating the new”  – Linda McCall

Commitment to Mapping the Future You

Mapping the new path is about setting goals and outcomes. Goals help to create the new story of how your future will be, what you experience and how it feels. It’s fun to close your eyes for a minute and feel what it’s like to have your future the way you want it what you feel, hear, what you see, the smells. Even tastes associated with having what you want. To get some clarity around your desired direction in life, you first need to get rid of the language of ‘I can’t’ and change it to ‘I can’. Be specific about what you want to create, and imagine a time in the past that you did something that made you feel powerful and motivated. Then remember how that made you feel inside at the time.

Commitment to Navigate Your New Direction

After you map out what your desired outcomes are, then you can make the commitment to actioning the steps that need to happen one by one, to make it possible. Just like waypoints on a map, create the steps that you need to take to make it possible to get to your desired destination. When my own sudden change happened, it happened overnight. I was strangely prepared for the road ahead to a certain extent, however I knew I needed a coach to get me over the line. I needed thinking in a mindset of ‘me’ as a ‘corporation’, not me working ‘for’ the corporation.

Commitment to Having Laser Focus

Focus on what you want and the way you want to experience it. Forget about what you don’t want. Just focus on all the things that make it possible. Your focus is what will get you to where you truly want and beyond. ‘Laser focus’ is needed to get you performing at your best. Athletes know this ‘laser focus’ all too well. That is why athletes have the ability and determination to rehabilitate themselves when they are injured. Because they know what it takes to shift their laser focus to healing so they can get back on the achievement track.

Commitment to Grow and Prosper. When you decide and commit to the change you want to experience in your life you somehow find ways to surround yourself with people who have the same values. Once you commit to change, doors will fly open. This doesn’t mean that the change will be easy, it just means that you will see with clarity how the people around you grow and prosper. And then you can match and mirror those you want to model yourself on. This is an important bite size piece of information and something that you might want to take notice of. Forget about what you ‘don’t’ want and focus on what you ‘do’ want and the ‘way’ you want it.


“Change is bought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things”-  Barak Obama


Recently I had the pleasure of working with a startup in a two-day workshop. My partner and I ran a group of adventurous souls through a process to explore and discover their values as a team and focus on the next growth spurt. To explore what it would take to get their new team strategy into their new vision.

Through that process we discovered the existing commitment of the team was super strong and they both presented & demonstrated strengths that had already got them to their current destination.

As they recognised these strengths in each and every one of their team it was a sigh of relief for us to know that they actually had a genuine commitment of what takes to do the next part of the journey that was ahead of them. Ultimately to take them to next level of their game.

This group of adventurers were totally inspiring as individuals and as a team.

Their total commitment to change was driven by a desire to help others experience real peace of mind and care for others safety. With our coaching they now had both the confidence, the understanding and the pure energy as leaders to achieve and prosper. They now had the knowledge & confidence they are truly adding value to big corporations own growth and prosperity by helping keep their people safe.

In your commitments in business it is almost an unspoken rule, that all business requires a certain amount of commitment. And so too does your commitment to your own future, both personally and emotionally.

It is a commitment to be the ‘better you’ in every moment. In your breath, your movement, gestures and the story you allow to run rampant in your mind. It all comes down to a choice by you to commit to the change needed to be a better you. As that better you is not just simply about what you want. It’s actually more about you commencing and creating a journey ‘towards’ excellence.

As you ponder that, I encourage you to share your comments & commitments that you have used to change your life.



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