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Eastern Europe Hot Spots For Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

Eastern Europe is a great place to travel for adventure and is now a hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers.

“Home is here and now” Buddhism

One thing I am learning after 5 years of travelling and working on the road is we all have a different purpose for how and why we travel, but when we come together there is a common bond, and that is to experience the world explore it and discover new people, places and experiences.

As I travel there is one thing I love to explore and that is nature, Hiking and being in the outdoors is the best part of travel.

  • In this article, you will learn of hidden off the beaten track places to travel to as a Digital Nomad and remote workers for the more adventurous lifestyler.
  • What the things are on the top of mind for a digital nomad and remote worker
  • Best choices to discover easy accommodation (NomadStays)
  • Why these places are great to visit

Bansko, Bulgaria

The first place that comes to mind is where I am staying of course as I write this I am in a resort spa in the small town of 10K people at the base of the Bulgarian Ski slops. Bansko, Bulgaria is about 2 and a bit hours from Sofia and easy to get to by bus. The town it attracts Digital nomads adventure travel and remote workers for one reason Bansko Coworking. They all come here for the community that is being built here by Bansko coworking entrepreneur Matthias and Uve.

Bansko Coworking has successfully made what would be called a disconnected node in the business world to a destination town for digital nomads, location independent workers and well there are lots of descriptions for it but basically the work and live on the road and don’t have a home base.

As the founder of Digital Nomad Girls posted the other day;

“Home is where the WiFi is” – Digital Nomad Girls

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

I arrived in Bansko Bulgaria in Septemeber it is sunny and clear blue sky, it is in the Winter the heart of a ski resort. The mountains surround the town are all ski fields and as I look out onto the Bulgarian Alps I have a vision of magnificent towering rock that reaches over 2500 metres.

The members of the Coworking Bansko gather in 3 locations, there is plenty to talk about and collaboration is rife! It’s truly great to experience here in Bansko Bulgaria.

What I learnt early on is there is such a thing as Digital Nomad towns that are full of expats who travel and work.

A great example of a destination that encapsulates the needs of the working traveller being WiFi, affordable accommodation that is aparthotel style and coworking. It is Bansko.

If you are curious about the digital nomad life there are plenty of Digital nomad Towns to check out. You can basically go from town to town around the world and find a community of digital nomads to hang out within coworking spaces. However, there are some places that are more set up for this purpose than others.

Imagine this for a streak world tour experience coworking and coliving?

Cambodia coliving in Angkor watt

Thailand – experience off the beaten track coliving coworking and island life.

USA – With Podshare you can experience and live in 5 areas in LA, then go to San Francisco and experience coliving with Podshare there too.

Iceland – Experience Galaxy pods in Iceland

Bulgaria – Awesome coliving and coworking in a small ski resort at the base of the Bulgarian alps Bulgaria. Then head to the coast to Sunny Beach and get busy.

Spain – experience off the beaten track Spain in beachside coliving or apartments

Montenegro- Surfing

Ireland- get adventurous with the Irish humour and fabulous hiking coworking and coliving.

And the list goes on.

 World Map showing the golf of Mexico
The world map

Whatever you want to experience you will definitely experience and meet amazing people you may even find someone to collaborate with or partner with. If you are a traveller who is location independent and can work from anywhere their are many options.

The main point is that if you like to travel and you are able to work remotely you can find a community in Digital Nomad towns all over the world.

Actually, for most people, it is the community that they come for first . The community of like-minded people sharing their knowledge and experience.

Here at Coworking Bansko together for events sometimes twice a Some members of the coworking space gather in the mornings to run around the stadium at 7.30 am and then head off to meet at the Bansko coworking space to get into some work for the day after a play with the puppies in the garden and a local coffee. Bansko is an adventure playground all year round.

The town is 1000ft above sea level and a real magnet for digital nomads and remote workers. Talking to most of the people who are members of the coworking space here in Bansko are full-time travellers and some have turned into full-time residence buying a unit here and calling it home.

Coworking is all about building community and that community is great to connect with when you are on the road all the time.

In Bulgaria, the local language not that easy but you can always give it a shot. The people look grumpy but they are wonderful so show them a happy smile and try their language and they will show you a part of the true culture. The language varies from place to place in Bulgaria and is not on google translate for iOS only android. So the coworking community is a little bubble of English and like-mindedness that is a breath of fresh air.

The best part about Bulgaria is the people who live here still live off the land and they are very community orientated. They are passionate about their history and there is a strong communistic reality that still exists here. which keeps them; even in the city growing their own fruit and veg and their gardens are filled with veg, they make their own wine and they make their own rocket fuel (Rakia) which is like a strong spirit made from the winemaking process.

The Bulgarians often have their own milking cow so you often see them walking the streets with their cow ready for milking and that is my favourite because if you are in the right place at the right time you may be able to get some real milk from the cow, but that is for you to discover when you get here. There is sometimes an opportunity to get it from the markets on a Sunday in the square. That is really special.

Most of the members are here for 90 days and then they must move on. Some people buy a place which is super cheap from 9,000 Euro or even renting for a year is very cheap. Depending on individual visa requirements.

Everyone at the Coworking Bansko has something to share. We are seeing a lot more digital nomads travelling the world experiencing the world while they work and just do life, exploring the world as they go. However, that could be the fishbowl effect is that you only see what you are focused on.

Coworking is like the little bubble of goodness that helps you to expand your networks and find opportunity, share and collaborate and help others as you go.

Four Leaf Clover Ski Resort Bansko

If you are looking to explore Cowork and Colive Bansko is like Bali of Bulgaria.

Bansko Coworking has over two thousand active members on the Facebook page and 70 to 90 + active members at any one time and three coworking spaces to work from each corner of the small town of 10,000 residence that grows to over 30,000 in the Bansko ski season. The coworking spaces are full in Winter so you must book ahead.

This year you will find an extra coworking space at Four Leaf Clover and a fun community with over 200 rooms in the resort. Coworking Bansko opens it’s doors in December for the Four Leaf Clover third arm of the Coworking Bansko group.

Coworking Bansko

Adventure on! See you somewhere in the world!

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