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Change up ahead…

Life is all about change.

However, there are degrees of change that we can handle, and some that create change not only to the individual but a directional effect on their entire life!

There is a saying you may have heard “The only constant in life is change” ohh so true. 

You may be experiencing it now.  You might be right in the middle of it.  So what do you do?

Well, the fact is that when things change you always have a choice. You can choose to see the opportunity, or you can chose to only see the one door (the old way) and flap around like a bird in a cage until you find that an escape path.  What do you choose?   Regardless of which way you choose you always have a choice.

When change is up ahead and you know its coming it can still be very daunting and unsettling.  The foundations you previously relied on start to fall, and the very thing that we knew for such a long time is now the past and your walking in unfamiliar territory all of a sudden. I have experienced this myself after over a decade in the same company and now I am out on my own solo in business.

Some of these Qantas employees in the news at the moment are facing immanent redundancy, and their lives are changing and their families are affected too.  Each one of them at a cross roads as to which way to turn next.  They probably feel like they just want to take a big holiday and pretend that it was all be just a bad dream. However, sometimes change can come as a blessing in disguise and we don’t know it until we have popped out the other end.

Change Is As Good As A Holiday

On the subject of holidays and change.  Have you ever thought about the way we put so much effort into taking off for an annual holiday? All that planning and creating the perfect holiday for just one occasion a year.  Instead of planning a holiday imagine if we spent that same time and effort into planning the things we want to create in our everyday lives.

Did you know we can use the same systems involved in planning a holiday to create a plan for our lives? It’s all a matter of mindset.

Think about it this way; Holidays are magical experiences we create for a short period of our lives, to do something different and experience something amazing.  We choose a place to go to get the optimum outcome and the experience we desire in fine detail!

What if your whole life was like that, and you put that much effort and applied the same strategy and systems into planning life just like you do your holidays.  A career and lifestyle that was in constant bliss! Always a few hickups, but that is all part of life as long as we see our learning along the way. These same Strategys and system apply just like as holiday planning but it was just called ‘your life’.

Just for fun, I want you to close your eyes and think about the best holiday you have ever experienced…thats right have you got it? good! Now see what you saw, hear what you heard the sounds of the ocean or the laughter of friends and family and feel the feelings of that true happiness you felt the bliss and the fun have you got it? do you have a smile on your face are you there can you almost taste it? good! now come back to now and just notice how it made your heart sing or excitment washed over you as you remeber that time of true happiness.

You can have just that.  Who said you can’t?  This is where a Transition Coach can help you.  A Coach to help you create and align yourself with your true direction.  My program, Your New Flight Path, is an example of a lifestyle transition program. Just as you would choose a travel agent to guide you and tour guide you would choose a coach to streamline your journey and get rid of the excess.

It’s just like planning a holiday.  You decide it’s time for a change from the every day hum drum, you put in the effort, do the planning, and then takeoff to navigate a new flight path for yourself.  And just like exploring a new country you experience something new and unfamiliar, you get so much more out of it when you use a guide who knows the hidden secrets and what to avoid to make it the most amazing and fun experience .

I know I had to face this myself.

Two and a half years ago I was working for Qantas popping off to different countries each week when my life literally changed overnight.  One day I was on annual leave, the next I was redundant. It was definitely a fast and furious ride.

With unpredicted suddenly weather facing me which my little radar did not pick up on I had tears streamed down my face at times.  I was scared, excited and flapping like a new duckling learning to fly.  I didn’t know which path to take. 

But in hindsight I am truly grateful every day for that sudden change.  For now I am happy to say I have had the most important and magnificent growing experience of my life.

You see, it’s all about seeing the opportunity and setting your attitude to get the altitude I required for smooth flying.

When you get turbulence in life, check the systems you already have in place, silence the warning horn and look carefully. I did just that.

I took some big breaths and trusted my intuition.  However it was not without some help.  Even though I’d been studying mindset health for years I got my own Transition Coach to assist me in navigating my way through unfamiliar territory.  I needed to allow someone arms-length to assist me and guide me through and around the storms of my transition. 

Now a Transition Master Coach myself I went on to create the Your New Flight Path programs to guide others through change, avoid the full brunt of the turbulance and focus on strategys and new systems to get you taking off smoothly without excess baggage weighing you down.

While creating this program I had a lot of fun with flying analogies (aviation just happens to be my true love alongside, adventure motorcycling, my partner and my puppy).

I have spent a big chunk of my life in aviation and recognize a lot of similarities between aviation and everyday life. We all have excess baggage (emotions and limiting decisions) excess weight (holding someone else’s stuff as we hold it in our bodies), the need for clean fuel (water and food) to fly safely and great engines to help us along the way.

If we are standing in our truth and listen to our bodies warning signals then we will have smooth flying most of the way once we realise and acknowledge our true path and what we value things become clearer. I know it all sounds very squishy but it is true.

I would like to leave you with this quote:

“There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity”. Douglas MacAthur

So while change is up ahead see it as an opportunity! there is every reason you should be creating your ideal lifestyle too.

Bon voyage!



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