4 Disciplines That Guarantee Consistent Successful Outcomes


Four Disciplines That Will Guarantee Success. If Practised They could Be Lethal.

These are four disciplines are proven by neuroscience studies, on the mental toughness. They are now used in the training of the United States Navy Seals that proves that success is all in mind.

I have chosen to share with you these four disciplines used by the U.S Navy Seals.  To enhance the benefits of simple changes that can be made that can change your life and the way you experience it. We have a choice to be stuck, or we can choose to train ourselves out of this lazy mentality.  Perhaps a limiting belief that “it will never work for me” or  even worse ” the world owes me because I have had a hard life”. Rather, we can choose to activate our true potential, just by practising  a few disciplines, into our daily routine. Sounds easy but it takes discipline to continue and repeat it until it is permanently part of how we operate.

By using these skills I am about to share with you, we can start to push past our limitation we put on ourselves and begin to conceive an extraordinary life.  the way we want to live it is to tap into the evidence of the past intense emotional highs and hi-jack them to bring them into the moment to enhance and live life  Life/Business as you want to experience it. 

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”- John Rohn

The adventures I have created in my life so far have been essential for my growth professionally and personally. Adventure is a core value I hold and a key to how I live my life and is the only way I grow as an individual and in business.

Recently I was excited to learn that the tools I have been teaching for years are the same disciplines used by the U.S Navy Seals. For years I have trained clients in using the skill of Neuro Linguistic Programing combining it with the Yogic techniques of breath. These four disciplines you can guarantee successful outcomes if you combine the powers of each discipline.

Having been military trained myself I resonate with the military way, and I love things that make good ole common sense! And I can’t wait to share these little gems with you.

These four disciplines are the ultimate skills are simply using your senses, this means what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell, to create your desired outcomes and long-lasting positive change. So here we go, I know that the first one is a fairly standard one of goal setting. However, it is the way it is used together with the three other disciplines that make this a lethal combo.

Goal Setting

Scientists believe that goal setting works by assisting the frontal lobe of the brain by acting as the brain supervisor. The frontal lobes are responsible for reasoning and planning. Concentrating on specific goals lets the brain bring structure to chaos and keeps the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain in check.

How to: Setting goals on a micro level is simply taking notice of what you need to focus on to get the best results, which means that moment to moment you keep your awareness on yourself. The following three other disciplines are a way that you project yourself to encourage the correct behaviour to get the results you want, which includes setting your intention and how your goal affect those around you and your environment. Keeping in mind, these U.S Navy Seals already have a set of values the run by as a military person. so that it is the glue that holds it all together.

Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal is the use of visualisation. So what is Visualisation? is continually running through an activity in your mind so that when you try it for real, it comes naturally. It is one of the most powerful tools available to you and you, own that skill. Visualisation is about mentally rehearsing what you need to do to get the positive results or your desired outcome. If you practice something in your mind first and imagine it with the successful outcome, you are rehearsing the steps that are needed to get the results your need.  When it comes to doing it for real, you have rehearsed it in your head first so that when you do it for real, it is, in fact, the second or third time you have done it.  Which means that in fact, you have more information about the successful outcome you want, and your body is more familiar and can respond differently toward producing the desired results.

How to: Practice makes perfect. If you believe you can’t visualise then how would you know what you had for breakfast this morning? If you think that you have not done this thing that you want to visualise, then imagine that you have the best outcome. Using your imagination is powerful. Try it for yourself.


Self-talk helps focus your thoughts. Each person speaks for themselves each moment at a rate of 300 to 1000 words per minute in our head at any given moment. If these words are positive instead of negative, in a can do, instead of can’t, the positive self-talk helps override the fear signal coming from the amygdala; the emotional centre of the brain. (pea size emotion reactor) The frontal lobes are always on, and they say things like “what am I doing here” or “why am I putting myself through this and” etc.

What you’re trying to do here is essentially replacing the bad thoughts consistently with a good thought. You train yourself to micro manage each thought so that you get the desired outcome consistently. Controlling negative talk and turning it around to positive self-talk.

How to: Practice and notice your language internally and verbally. An NLP coach can also teach you quick techniques.

Arousal Control

Described arousal control is all about your breath control. It is centred on conscious control of your breath. Breath control helps combat some of the effects of panic. Long exhales, in particular, activate the bodies relaxation process to get more oxygen to the brain so that it can perform better.

Breathing is a great focus strategy and is our number one basic survival skill, but you can only do it so much because in response to fear your brain will get jacked up. However, breath on its arousal control would not work as the amygdala send out such a powerful signal that its tuff to suppress feelings of fear but combining techniques make a big difference to the outcomes and desired results.

How to: book into a yoga class and learn breathing techniques to control your breath. And practice it daily.

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through”- Zig Ziglar

It goes back to traditional warrior techniques where you’re transcending past what you thought your limitations were by unlocking your confidence on an entirely new level of operating.

You can learn these skills and more with an NLP coach.

Neuroscience research is now saying that humans find danger seeking as pleasurable because it’s been necessary to our evolution. If people didn’t take risks, scientists surmise we would still be living in caves and not evolving, however in saying that some of us still live in our little caves and do not evolve.

Without judgment, simply coming from the viewpoint of observation, we are allowing the fear based consciousness to creep into our lives with through media, advertising the things we find normal. We tune into the negative sales talk that instils fear, uncertainty and doubt into our lives. And it is up to us to decide and to be aware of what we allow into our singular world and to filter it.

Risk taking

Have you ever wondered why some people would risk more than others? Even in an everyday situation why some people will go to a restaurant and always order the same thing, while others will try a new dish each time and take a risk and gamble on it tasting good. These people of the latter, are willing to stand in the uncomfortable to be comfortable. They will happily take the risk on something they have not experienced before so that they can learn something new each time. These people are curious and hungry for more information. They are flexible and bendy expanding their world to possibility.

Practice makes perfect

The best way to see how incredibly extraordinary man can be is to go to see Circus De’ole. These performers are refining skills that the general population would never even contemplate and they do it through practice. The area of the brain that benefits the most from practice is the cerebellum at the base of the brain. So practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the more familiar you get with it and the muscles learn the how to do it as a finite skill becomes an automatic response till it becomes normal.

If we think about how magnificent the body and the mind is and all the things it is capable of, it’s like thinking about a computer but thousands of times more intelligent. We never use it to its full capacity, and as humans continuously prove the impossible, it seems we keep on making it possible.

Think of the brain as a computer that processes information consistently through all our sensory acuity’s the gathering of information from our right environment sending messages thought the neuro pathways at an unfathomable rate per second through the brainstem that is our central processing unit and to sends out information other parts of the brain. The areas of the brain as apps that you download and do specific things with infinite possibilities.

The brain stem releases a chemical called Dopamine that is the chemical of anticipation and the chemical of that feeling of excitement and pleasure that’s right Orgasm. The Cerebellum is just up from the brainstem and at the base of the skull, it is almost entirely responsible for movement the cerebellum sends out signals to the muscles so it can learn and fine tune them. The reason I am sharing this with you is simply to appreciate the incredible software you have and how it helps you every day.

Put it all together

Throughout my life, to date, I have adventured and travelled my little heart out. I have parachuted out of planes, learnt to fly planes, run down cliffs forwards, abseiled, rock climbed, caved, rafted, ridden motorbikes across continents solo, worked and lived in other countries and I continue to live my life with curiosity, my love of adventure.  I believe that hands down my military training was flat out the best thing I have ever done for my personal growth and my career. From Navy Seal level or even at entry level basic military training, it is one of the most incredible adventures you can do to teach the value of discipline and strangely freedom all at the same time. Discipline, teamwork, loyalty and honour are just a few gifts you get from this type of disciplinary training and yes, friendships that bond for life.

These four disciplines shared with you are the most useful skills that you will ever have, and the great thing is they don’t cost you a cent. The only investment is the cost of investing your energy in implementing them. Your goal is to put them in to practice consistantly so that they become a natural and just a way you operate. Not using them will be your biggest cost and a huge loss to achieving your dreams.  Practice these in your everyday life to get what you want in life and business. If you’re not sure how to effectively implement them, then engage a coach.


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