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The Art of Intention for Business & Life – How Does it Affect Daily Outcomes

What is the art of intention got to do with business and how will it affect your daily outcomes? Your intention is what drives you each day. Be it in tp protect your loved ones or growing a business, it all comes down to simple things. In order to get simple things done, there is always a secret intention behind getting the desired outcome. right!

The Intention is often confused with intension:

In the Early 17th century (also in the sense ‘straining, stretching’): from Latin intensio(n- ), from intendere (see intend). intension (sense 1) dates from the mid 19th century. These days it’s not really in use in our English Vocabulary, this form is generally known today as the word ‘tension’ is more commonly spoke about in conversation.

An intention is conceptions formed by directing the mind towards an object.

In the late Middle English: from Old French entencion, from Latin intentio(n- ) ‘stretching, purpose’, from intendere (see intend).

Or the action or fact of intending.

What does it mean to have intention? An intention is an idea. An idea to carry out something. If you really mean something, it’s an intention to fulfil. Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It’s something you mean to do or say, whether you pull it off or not be it good or bad morally.

So you ask ‘ what has intention got to do with business? Well, everything actually.

Consistent intention toward success is an art form. Your intention often starts with what problem are you solving, and for a purpose.

Your intention can become an art form of your expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, graphic design or producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty that evokes an emotional response.

Your intention is often unconscious so consistently setting an intention can turn your world around in business and in life.

Let start with the truth of the literal meanings of Art and Intention.

What is the true meaning of intention?

Well like I mentioned before the truth is that your intention revolves around your emotional response to something. So it all sounds lovely but the intention is comes in a good, bad and ugly package depending on your experience and emotions that fuel intention. It comes in ‘proof form’ of your experience and assessment of the world around you. Where you unconsciously collect proof of what’s right and wrong according to what’s true for you.

One thing I learnt early on was ‘ You are only doing the best you can with the information that you have at the time’ which means that whatever you were exposed to at a younger age was right for you. And that’s ok.

However, if through life you don’t challenge those beliefs due to the outcomes you receive from your practice then you will always get the same results. Right?

So take the time to assess your core beliefs and where you have gathered success and where you have not.

Let’s get back to creating the art fo intention toward what you want to experience. You might discover on the way that you are not getting the results that you desired.

How to create the Art of Intention:

  1. Create your intention – this is like a mantra that you will repeat to yourself to tune out the negative thoughts ( cheeky chatterbox) and create a positive and toward what you want mantra. to accomplish hat you are ready to set out and take action on.
Set your intention
  1. Share it- your intention is no good unless you are accountable for it so share it with a friend who will keep you accountable.
Share it with friends
  1. Say it out loud- share that mantra with yourself out loud. notice how it feels when you say it out loud, often it is good to say it out loud so scream it in the shower if you have to or sing it.
Say it out loud to the mirror
  1. Create a ritual each day- rituals a from ancient times it’s not new. They are very powerful.
create Rituals
  1. Meditation – is a simple way of spending some time reflecting and breathing, creating space and allowing yourself to just be.
Meditation & breathwork
  1. Gratitude – be grateful for where you today say thank you and take the time to acknowledge the little things. make the practice of gratitude of each day. Even when things don’t go as your way acknowledge the learning from it.
Be grateful
  1. Ask for what you want and then allow it to be free- Ask for what you want the way you want to experience it. then allow it to be free and let it go.
Ask and release
  1. Repetition of setting your intention – repetition create momentum the more you do it the easier it becomes. So set your intention each day and remind your self in the micro-moments of your day of that intention.
  1. Engage the emotional that you desire – Feel the feelings of having it now. A large part of setting an intention is getting super-specific about what it is you want and how you’ll feel once you get it. Tapping into those emotions only make your dreams feel more real and plausible.
Engage the emotions
  1. Write it down – Sounds simple but when you write it down you make it start to become real through the physical act of creating what it is you want to experience. Sometimes before bed, write down your goals: spell out what they are, what your life will look like once you accomplish them, how you’ll feel when you accomplish them, etc. Then read what you wrote (and make sure it’s extremely specific!) in the a.m. to set your mindset for the day.
Write it down

In closing, I don’t think that this is anything new or groundbreaking but I know it is a reminder to you and to me to remember to do the simple things to set the foundations of your success!

Creating your future is setting an intention as to how you want to experience it. This refers to you as an individual and to you as a business person or entrepreneur. Get busy setting your intention consciously and consistently and you will get the results you ask for

One more thing…

Be specific in what you want to achieve with your intention.

Fun exercise:

Write a letter to your future self. It might sound something like this;

“Dear …(Self) 3 MONTHS into the future.

It was 3 months ago on the 3.03.20.. since I set my intention for this and I am so excited that I am no currently experiencing all that I set out to achieve…

Dear …(Self) 6 MONTHS into the future

It is with so much excitement and happiness that I express my gratitude to what I am experiencing today 6 months from the 24. 07.20.. I am currently…

Dear …(self ) 1 YEAR into the Future

I am beyond excitement … as I am currently experiencing…

When you write down how you want to feel in the future you start to plant the seed to fir your unconscious mind to start searching for that.

Remember sometimes it takes a little bit of crazy to create your future and let it fly!

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