Dream Big

Dream Big

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When you give yourself permission to dream big any thing is possible.

Sounds a bit silly that you need to give yourself permission however, so times you might find your holding yourself back and not even be aware of it consciously.

Firstly, give your self permission to dream big of what is possible and secondly, create goals so that it will inspire you. Create it towards the adventure you really want to experience, by giving it some energy from acknowledging what you value in life now.

Allowing yourself to dream is the creates greatness in the world. When put into action the product of great dreams come to life, it is how we are able to enjoy flight and the comfort of vehicles and trips into space.

Without giving ourselves permission to dream big our dreams may just become someone else reality not yours. Sometimes we might have an subconscious belief that your not good enough or not worthy, these things are very common, and they maybe lurking in the background of your self dialogue sabotaging your true success.

Dream, explore, discover, adventure into your new reality

When we dream, we explore the possibility’s. In the process of the exploration, a discovery of why we do what we do and who we are today comes to the surface and the adventure begins.

Sometimes giving yourself permission to dream big is reasoning with yourself to be worthy of having what you want, the way you want to experience it. I am sure you have done that, I know I certainly have.

Allow me to explain what I mean by giving your self permission and what it looked like for me.

It took me until I was 42 years old to give myself permission to firstly believe that becoming a pilot was possible and secondly to spend the money on learning the skill.

All my life I had the belief that being a pilot was for smart people and that I shouldn’t spend the money because it was a waist of money. To give myself permission to do this,  I had to reason with my fear of failure of not being smart enough and then my reasoning for spending the money.

Self dialogue of permission

What went through my head was “If I did what I would normally do on my six weeks holiday, I would go motor cycling across another continent and spend easy $10,000 or I could spend the money on learning to fly.”  Because the concept of piloting my own plane was big enough to scare me it was definitely a good adventure and worthwhile. I think that all adventures need to have a “bum clenching element” to make it worth while.

That’s how I to give myself permission to learn something I had been dreaming about all my life. Funny how we don’t honor the things that are a little bit scary for us, and will find an excuses to  not do what we love. We really are funny creatures sometimes!

It turned out to be the most amazing adventure ever, sure it had it’s ups and downs ! hah sorry! and I made life time friends who share a common passions and it literally changed my life.  By simply just giving myself permission to be the pilot and fly the plane.

Give it a time frame

Now you just have to decide when you want it and put a time frame on it.

Giving yourself permission to shine like the brightest star, is to believe, and that you have value and purpose. That you value what you have to offer the world and you value yourself. That belief will create the momentum toward what you want.

Now just imagine you have it as if you have it NOW!

Dreams into goals

Dreams are broken down into goals, all you need to do is allow yourself the possibility create the steps toward it. Since goals are just goals words, until you give them feelings and breathe life into them with physical action.

“If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”.- Unknown

When we talk about our dreams to friends and family it’s usually triggers an emotion and you imagine what it would be like to have achieved that dream.  You visualize it or hear about someone who has. Since you have seen it or experienced it, you can easily imagine what it would be like to achieve it. So now have the resource (emotion) stored in your body to tap into when you want it to motivate you as you go on your journey.

Using positive emotions as a resource

Use your feelings of positive emotions when you need them to allow you to dream big and recall the feelings when you need to. And as you think about what you want you can feel the feeling all over again.

So next time you are wanting to achieve something create a great adventure you know you have the resources inside of you already. If you find it hard to tap into the positive emotions think about what it would feel like if you had it now and really feel the feelings of having it now.

In conclusion

Give yourself permission to dream big and be bold is about you not anyone else. piloting a plane was my big dream, but for someone who is a pilot, it might be being the captain of a Boeing 777, dreaming big is different for us all.

By tapping into your very own positive emotion resources you have inside of you and using them to keep the momentum happening you can build your dreams bigger and better reality.

We have learned that dreams are also about reasoning and permission to self.  If you spend time listening to yourself when you talk to friends and family, you will hear the self sabotage language and be able to identify it and change it toward giving yourself permission to dream. You will be amazed at what really is possible when you recognizes what old records (belief systems) you have playing in the background.

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Keep having soul deep adventure driven experiences.- Linda McCall



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