That Relaxed Feeling

That relaxed feeling…


You might be surprised to know that hypnosis is a very familiar relaxed feeling, one that you experience every day. Just like meditation, hypnosis is very similar, it’s just allowing the unconscious mind to take suggestion in a positive way and allowing the conscious mind to have a rest from it constant work. it is that wonderful relaxed feeling of just allowing, being present in the moment and listening.

The relaxed feeling is allowing the mind chatter cease and demanding that you sit and be in your breath and in your body. It is trusting that you are ok and able to just be you. Whether you do a guided meditation or hypnosis audios you are giving yourself time to just be in your body and experience it rather than striving so hard to achieve.

Most people think that when you are experiencing hypnosis, you should feel something different, but the fact is, hypnosis is a very relaxed feeling of being totally and fully surrendered. It is that sense of being switched off from everything, totally relaxed.

In a research study on self-hypnosis for the prevention of relapse with chronic drug/alcohol users, (Am J Clin Hypn. 2004 Apr;46(4):281-97), reported on a study of individuals who played self-hypnosis audiotapes “at least 3 to 5 times a week,” at 7-week follow-up. The outcome of this study reported the highest levels of self-esteem and serenity, to those who played the self-hypnosis audio’s and allowed the positive suggestions to make changes to their mind, and the also found the least reaction to anger/impulsivity, in comparison to the minimal-practice and control groups. Therefore the benefits of hypnosis are proven to be effective. Total relaxation to open the mind to allow for the positive suggestion of self-hypnosis to make subliminal changes.

The benefits of total relaxation to open the mind are evident, however, taking the time to use the technique of self-hypnosis consciously, is another thing altogether.

Think of it as meditation, or maybe you have tried a guided meditation, it is the same thing. Accepting the guidance of a well-trained therapist or yoga teacher is all about trust in yourself and your guide. To just allow for the positive suggestion to be accepted into the unconscious mind you must believe that it is ok to relax totally. It’s ok to let go and create the desired change.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hypnosis

Questions on hypnosis come up often,  especially with religious views on Hypnosis.So let’s go ahead and discuss these frequently asked questions I hear from clients and those unfamiliar with Hypnosis. it safe? A. Yes, if all hypnosis is self-hypnosis then yes it is safe, however, maybe not so good when your driving.

Q.Does it work? A.Yes, it works but only if it is ok with you to be hypnotised and that you allow yourself to relax totally.

Q.Will you make me act like a chicken? A.Only if you accept the suggestion and it is ok with you.

The Magic Trick

Many people who are looking to enhance their lives with the experience of hypnosis are looking for a magic trick to fix an issue that is taking over their lives. Theses people are aware they need to change something, but the problem is now turned into a habit and is affecting the quality of their life, and they feel out of control.

Therefore the following discussions will be helpful for those considering to benefit from accelerated relaxation or commonly otherwise known as hypnosis.

“I can’t be hypnotised..”.

As a qualified Master Hypnotherapist, it is common to hear this statement; “I can’t be hypnotised, it doesn’t work for me”. And I say “can you follow instructions? “  because that is all it takes. All you have to do is listen and follow instructions. Simple as that!

“My Problem Is Unique…”

Here is a statement I often hear that leads me to the statement above that ”My problem is too big I have tried everything…”

“I can’t be hypnotised” is really saying… “My problem is too big, I have tried everything, nothing works. My problem is unique, and I worked hard to have this issue, and I have reinforced it, again and again, by telling people about my problem, and I even gave it a name, it’s called “… it’s a condition “.  By saying things like this is just saying… “I proudly own and acknowledge my problem. I have a need to love and nurture the problem, and I like my problem enough to make sure everyone knows how good I am at having it”.

All of the above statements are hypothetical, but I am sure you have heard it before. That means that you are not ready to let go of the problem and that the problem is serving you in some way to keep it.  Like receiving sympathy, attention, it’s maybe the only way you know how to communicate. like to not face your problem and prefer to tell people how hard life is, rather than change it. We all have a choice.

Unconscious decisions

Now, please note that the decision to have the problem my be completely unconscious or it may be learned behaviour that you are totally unaware of.  You are not consciously aware of that decision, to have the problem in the first place. So What do you do?

Using the tools of hypnotherapy is very beneficial to find out where the decision was made in the at the cause. It also has great health benefits to assist with improved sleep, calming nerves, Quell hot flushes and ease pain.

If you are one of these people who have said in the past who has said “I can’t be hypnotised, it has no affect on me” then, I wonder, what it is that stopping you from allowing yourself to have that familiar, relaxed feeling?… That’s right … you are of course.

Swiss researchers were able to measure the effects of hypnosis on the benefits of sleep by measuring sleep with electrodes to the brain. They found that the participant who had notably better sleep patterns after hypnotherapy than those who did not. These participants after having hypnotherapy sessions where the highly suggestible participants were also most susceptible to the Hypnotherapy who did benefit from it.This means that, when you agree to do hypnosis with someone, it must be OK with you to change.

To experience successful hypnosis, it must be OK with you to have that familiar, relaxed feeling. You see, the change comes from your internal directive that says’s it’s OK to feel comfortable and believe that it is possible for your internal change to take place.

So let us journey on and look at why we would need hypnosis.

  • To become a nonsmoker
  • to change the direction of your career and lifestyle
  • to release limiting decisions
  • to let go of fears, anxiety and depression
  • to get success with public speaking
  • to become more in control of your emotions
  • anger management
  • create new positive habits
  • to stop harmful habits

Bring It All Together

So remember to create the magic it must be ok for you and that you to accept the suggestions given to you. therefore it’s up to you to change your mind to change your life.  You are the magic trick.

 ” your unconscious mind is ready to work with you and take positive suggestions to enhance your every moment and create what you want in your world. All you need to do is trust and give yourself permission to let go of all of the external stuff and just breathe. It’s all in the breath”.

Learning to be your own therapist and make the time for self-hypnosis is a very powerful tool to have. It will assist you to become the healer and take back your power.

NO CAUTION is required as you read this post. It will not induce the Chicken Dance.

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