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Take Command Of Your Life Experience – ‘Make it so’

“Seize the time…Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come agian” – Jean-Luc Picard

‘Make it so’! In navigating your experience in life who makes it so? You do of course.

Your reality is what you want to experience, you will filter information that way. You will only take in the information that you can delete distort and generalize from your past experiences. And then, you will ‘make it so’ in the words of Jean Luke from Star Trek. (sorry I can’t resist it, but only the Trekkies will appreciate it!)

Take Command of your own ship

The command to ‘make it so’, is not a question it is how it shall be, a command.

Stating a command, is to order it to happen, to command it to be the way you want it.

As you go on your adventures, in like there is no uncertainty only absoluteness, that is why it is called an adventure. Adventure is knowing their is a risk and knowing their is no certainty in the outcome but doing it anyway.

There are certain things we command of ourselves, standards and our expectation of self and others to make our experience more of what we want and how we want others to experience.

You might command of yourself that you surround yourself with people you can learn from, so you are continuously growing, or that you stand by certain principles and values as you discover the world around you, however, most of this is done unconsciously. Of course, it’s always good if there are a few ‘bum clenching moments’ because then you know you are pushing boundaries for yourself. And that’s how you know it’s a good adventure and it is worthwhile.

In navigating life’s adventures, you can be certain the only sure thing in life is to control your own ship, because if you let someone else command your direction you will end up somewhere you did’nt want to be and even hit an iceburg. And you only have yourself to blame (hypothetically speaking). Everything you do and say and experience is in your power. The decision to blame others for where you are today is irresponsible as you not taking your command spot.

The more we fight against something or resist it, the less flow we experience. Navigating life needs a commander at the helm it is a systematic approach. ‘make it so’ as Capt Pickard would say.

3 Ways to ‘Make It So’

Navigating life is easier when you are able to visualise the outcomes to make it more toward what you want to experience. Here are three practical was to

1. Writing it down. What you would like to experience it even better draw it as well, if you want to be creative to make it even more powerful.

2. Verbalising it. Say it out loud so that you feel the feelings of having it as you evoke the emotions around plotting your path.

3. Visualise it the way you want to experience it.

This is most effectively done when you set some goals and outcomes in place, just as you would plan a holiday or another Galaxy in the case of Star Treks Capt Pickard.  You must know what you want to experience, then you plot a destination and plan accordingly to ‘Make it so’.

There is no doubt that change is challenging, but it is even more challenging when you don’t know where your going or know what it is you want in the first place. But, where there is a challenge there is growth. Right? Regardless of your awareness of growth, you still have more information than you did before.

In the past when you have found yourself looking down the barrel of change have found strength in ourselves you didn’t know we had, and therein lies the beauty of change. This change may have been a desire to change jobs, taking action on beginning your idea to market, relationships change or finding a new direction. Sometimes we are not in control of the initial change but we do have control on how we drive the change and get the desired outcome.

Change can look like a horrific crazy event but can also be a blessing. Mostly if we choose to notice we bring that change on yourself. I remember saying to my partner as we went camping one day, “wouldn’t it be good if we could pack up our life as we know it and live on the road?’. Twelve months later we were travelling and living on the road.

Finally, Intention is Everything

Make your intention today to experience your world through the eyes of a newborn and see the delight without experiencing the fear. Come and join us on an adventure and discover your new identity, personally, in business and in all areas of your life.You are not alone, We can do it together. You have lots of options that will suit your needs. So I invite you to take up a free offer for an hour of FREE Consultation.

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