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Experiencing turbulence?

Experiencing Turbulence

A dear and life long friend of mine Tony Caldwell (Surfer, Ships Pilot, Adventurer, Ironman) said: “Turbulence makes the world go round”.

I love this because it is so true, you just don’t want to choose to stay in the turbulence too long, or you get fatigue and experience what I call “the Atomic wedgies of life” and we all know they are just bloody uncomfortable!. His comment made me realise how significate turbulence is in nature cycle of life, and it really is so necessary.  Think about it.

I believe that the discomfort is the gold if you push through it and get the gift of magical transformation.

Are you experiencing turbulence? Divorce, life change through an accident, partner or job even bankruptcy that has turned your world upside down? Lost Direction?

Well, think about using a coach…..Why would I use  Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)? You ask….. Neuro-linguistic programing is the language of the mind-body association through patterns. The tools of hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and other scientific based interventions used as tools to change our conscious and unconscious mind can assist you through your change leaving turbulence at a minimum and direction on your new path.
Why would “ I “need a coach?  Because your coach is your guide and keeps you accountable to your change just like a personal trainer.  We all need guidance in one way or another to learn new skills and will lead you to your own answers easily and effortlessly. NLP Coaching concentrates on you implementing the best strategies to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

That’s right… are not broken, you just want some tools to assist you through this major shift in your life.  What you are just experiencing currently is an old program, and you need a coach to train you out of your current program and into a new one. This is where coaches are exceptional and so very beneficial toward your goals and outcomes in that they can help you defrag the old program and reprogram – even if you think you can get through it yourself because you’re a very capable, educated person, and you can deal with it.
Coaching will teach you the tools to get what you want quickly and focus on the outcomes you would like to achieve in your life. They can also see another perspective something you cannot see when you in it. They listen to Language, all the sensory acuity of the mind-body association.
The first step, in finding this new pathway for your life, is to give yourself permission to get help! This is not easy but necessary as it means handing over to someone to guide you on your ‘Grand Adventure’…when your use to being the leader!
Change the way you look at life – learn to surf the wave.
Coaching will teach you new skills to help you help yourself; you just need some new strategies. You will get the right tools to stop those ‘atomic wedgies of life’ and get you surfing the wave of life as you learn the linguistics of the Mind Body & Soul and stand in your truth.
Who is responsible for your change?   That’s right….you are! Being responsible for where you are today and for your future is an important mindset to have, because although you may have had turbulence just know that turbulence is the necessary in life’s cycles without turbulence, we would not have waves, weather and ebb and flows. There would only be stagnation on the planet. Think about that the effects of that concept.

So be grateful for the emotional turbulence because we can learn from every moment.
Call Linda Now and get started before 2015. Take action NOW!

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