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Health crisis to wellness and beyond

looking too hard I forgot to laugh at myself
looking too hard I forgot to laugh at myself

Having just gone through my own health crisis and popped out the other end with an amazing realization that I was part of the problem! That was very difficult for me to digest…..

My life was beautiful I couldn’t be happier.

Well… it seemed that way. I was detoxing, colonic therapy and changing my diet, studying my poohs! researching the Eastern, Western, energetic, emotional, environmental meaning for what was happening to my body, I was careful with what I allowed in an on my body, testing and getting right inside myself and beyond!!

I was baffled and sick of myself. I wanted and needed an explanation why? why had my body decided it was under stress, and it was interesting because When you’re in it, it’s very difficult to understand it. I was drowning in my own insidoutness I felt ridiculous and helpless.

To reflect back on it is to understand it, so this is my crazy little awakening. So, again to create an illusion of things are well and happy that is what I am good at, but does not solve the problem. To get to the core of the problem and to truly understand it and to move forward was what I could have done. However I chose to flounder around in myself digging for answers, looking for the cause, and not looking for the light of wellness.

I woke up one morning morning to start reading “the Creation of health” (a fantastic book) As I read, it was my realization that by focusing too much on the pain and being in the moment, I was too much in it, and my focus on dis ease took front center stage of my life instead of trusting that it would pass and by using the tools I had such as universal energy, trusting, believing, visualising health, I stayed in my head and in the moment allowing the pain and fear to take control.

Confused about my body, and what it was trying to say to me I was beating myself over the head (metaphorically) thinking that if I am a health therapist I can fix myself, I don’t need any help I can do it.

Well I couldn’t and I did need help, because sometimes you need a view from the outside to see what’s happening on the inside you need different perspectives and you need to rest and not feel guilty just allow yourself the time and space and its ok that you can’t fix yourself just allow and trust. However I did know that when I did pop out the other end , I would have a good giggle at myself for being such a goose as I knew I was trying to control things too much but couldn’t stop myself. Eventually I stopped being so serious about myself as I found I went for a few months without laughing and doing the things that engage my happy peptides and one of my chosen health professionals brought it to my attention! She said “ go and have sex with your boyfriend have a big steak and a glass of wine”! a I loved that she called me on being too serious about detoxing and getting caught up in it, she made me giggle and brought me back to reality to just get over myself and move on from this space of pain and disease. Through that doing I forgot myself and smiled and had a little belly laugh at the issues and discomfort and just relaxed.

These journeys from dis ease to ease are great if you learn something from it. I have learnt and discovered more about myself than I care to ever know however and new growth came with exciting prospect and would serve me in creating new and wonderful things.

So now, I having gone from Health crisis of Five or so months to wellness I reflect and only see the great things that have come from it. So next time you find yourself in this predicament remember that when you pop out the other end, I hope you too can see the gifts. I know easier said than done you may say, but it is often the simple things that are often the things that are the most powerful. So in short to trust and listen to what your body is trying to say to you . Simply find your ease through trust don’t get to serious and ask another perspective, but all in all don’t give away your power to dis-ease by grasping for a pill to quash it some part of me says I needed to do that little quirky journey and another part says I stayed there to long and got caught in the fear. It is important to recognize that illness does not occur overnight generally it is something that you have been doing over a long period of time and allow yourself time to get through it, just don’t stay there too long! your body is simply saying what you are doing needs to change….. so change it.
Linda McCall

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