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Create new habits that enhance your life

Create new healthy habits

You have heard it before and its true – the less un processed food you eat the more you gain nutritional value. However the rules of thumb is, when you start a new habit you must replace the old one with a new one to be the most effective. Here are some Raw habits to get you started:

1. Minimise the food you eat that comes that comes in a packet- look for food you can eat that is not in a packet by from your local butcher and support local farmers markets.

2. When drinking juice remember that the juice only stays alive for a minimum of about 20minutes after that it is dead food. And when juicing ensure you have a juicer that does not heat the fruit and veg too much as it will kill the goodness invest in a good one, remember juice in a can or bottle is filled with sugar so stay away from them as much as possible.

3. Be aware of your thoughts, if they are negative then try to re frame them with compassion and love as a basis, easier said than done I know!
4. Eat slowly and never eat when your upset, angry or anxious

5. Grow your own, herbs and veg you’ll be amazed how much you save and how much you learn by doing so.

6. Replace teabags with loose leaf tea in a pot it’s a lovely habit to create and treat yourself to during the day. Tea is a medicine in the sense that is a great way to support your immune system and health as tea bags have a lot of fillers and bleached tea bags that are not good to ingest.

7. Move more. find something that you enjoy, if you want community do a class of Yoga, martial arts individual sports but make sure its something you enjoy not what everyone else is doing.

8. Laugh lots and be passionate about every aspect of your life or change it!

9. If your going to have coffee grind the beans it yourself and do away with freeze dried coffee

10. Do not ever eat margarine other options are, use avocado in season, Tahini spread, or just good old butter. If ants and bugs wont touch it then it is poison, nature will always tell the truth.

11. Chocolate, if your going to have it, have the good stuff, spend that extra money have the darkest, organic chocolate with 80% coca less sugar content you can find. You will find you will only want a tiny bit to satisfy you. Mine lasts for months, because I buy the best I pay good money for it and I only have one square every now and then.

12. Be greatful for the the little things every day.

Metatronic Organ and Body Cleanse
These are very simple tips to help you think about the things you can do to enhance your life on a daily basis. One tool I use every few days sometimes on a daily basis is the Metatronic organ and body cleanse by a local mind set therapist here on the coast, she has created this CD so you have all the tools you need to learn to breathe again, it is a guided CD to help you coupe with any stress going on in your life, just down load it on to your smart phone and use it when ever you feel you might need it. This is a very powerful way to take control of your health and wonderful for the entire family. You can purchase the Metatronic Organ and body cleanse on my website This will be the best and most practical decision of your daily life healthy habits that you can incorporate into your life to not only help you but your whole family. Listen to the introductory CD on the website now.

Blessing and good living to you and thank you for taking the time out the read.
Linda McCall

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