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Basic survival skills

Basic Survival skills

Have you ever felt it’s all too complicated, your body starts falling apart around you and your not sure where to start?  Well, when things get too much its always best to go back to basics. As a therapist I see it often enough that I thought it might be nice to share this with you, even if you know it, its sometime a good reminder and the more I study the more we come the full circle and come back to basic survival skills.

So in saying that I am talking about the simple stuff like breathing.  However the simplest things are sometimes the hardest. It’s nice to get squidgy about the emotions that effect our bodies function but today we are striping it back to the basic survival.

This comes from my military training from a few decades ago.  When you think about survival and how we survive as humans the hierarchy goes something like this before the body starts to shut down completely. If the body starts to show symptoms of dis harmony or Dis-ease then it all starts here:

1st Without BREATH we can only survive for about 3-5 mins

2nd without WATER we can only survive for 3-4 days

3rd without SLEEP we can only survive 4-5 days or less

4th without food we can only survive for 5-7 days

And so on

So our priority is BREATH– conscious breath every day with a bit of sweat is just the best combination.

Cool Clear WATER

SLEEP restful sleep


Then comes the squidgy stuff called emotions, however remember the only true emotion is Love….but that an entirely new subject so lets keep it simple.

These are the thing that are our basic survival this is just some food for thought, so if you are heading to the doctors ever few weeks run through your basic survival skills and start taking action and do away with the barriers we create, start taking control of your own health.

Most importantly ‘Remember to PLAY!’

Linda McCall Dip Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

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