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The Squidgy stuff…the guts of it

THE SQUIDGY STUFF….Conscious or unconscious

Part II Survival skills


Emotions (the squidgy stuff) can make anyone squirm.  Most people see ‘the squidgy stuff’ through a prism, lights flash in all directions when we are not in control of our emotions.  Generally, we are not taught that the emotions have a direct affect on the body’s wellness.  Have you ever seen something and felt a shiver run through your body but you’re not sure why?  Well it’s the old story – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – when we have a thought we always have a physical response in the body, conscious or unconscious.


The unconscious mind is always eves-dropping on the conscious mind and there are three levels we refer to, some see it as mind, body, spirit others see it as unconscious mind, conscious mind and higher self.  Your brain sends your body messages at millions of parts per second and we are constantly deleting, distorting and generalizing at rapid speeds, telling you what is happening around you from the multitude of neurotransmitters that communicate symbolically through our bodies so the power of the mind has a direct input on the body and how it functions.


Like a computer, if there is too much information there is over-load and it will start to slow down and eventually freeze.  A Negative emotion is like a virus in your computer and it will cause your body to malfunction just like your computer does.  You must firstly recognise it, take action by processing it, clean it out and refresh it.


When ignored the body will start to reveal symptoms of dis-ease.  If you don’t take notice and change what you’re doing and attend to the issue it will get worse and maybe even shut down. There is no tricking the body and although you think you can out-smart it, you will find it is out-smarting you! The body is the most intelligent computer on the planet and we all have different operating systems that are created from our influences and experiences.

We humans are strange little creatures, we love to give things names, so when we are diagnosed with a dis-ease you will hear people say with a sigh: “ I have ……” and they sound like they own it and sometimes with pride and wear it like a badge of honour.


May I just say this, be very careful what you say out load, as you are not only giving it some airtime that people will gladly remind you of, but you are sending a clear message to your body that you are owning it and it is yours to keep and your body will respond to that input.  The more you give it energy the more it settles in the body and defeat sets in and you start handing over the power.  If this happens change the language within you and start to take control, just don’t own it.


The unconscious mind has the blueprint of perfect health. It has all the answers and it knows how to heal, we were designed to heal ourselves, to listen to our bodies and to love, but you have to listen and trust…..Easier said than done hah! Two very difficult things to do, especially with all the information we are bombarded with these days.  Ask yourself do you have the dis-ease or does it have you.  In reality you don’t want it so this is your chance to turn it around. 


We have to filters all through our body (whether we ingest it or manifest it in our emotional self) and when there is something you don’t like, where is the first place your feel it? In the tummy, right?  If there is something you don’t like it goes straight to the solar plexus, tummy, stomach, gut or the hara as it is known in eastern medicine. 


Your guts are like a central filter through which all things pass then are processed.  It’s like the hub and the gut is anatomically the process centre.  It’s physically about process and all emotions are processed and will manifest in the gut if not dealt with properly.

eg. Constipation, sensitivity to foods, tummy aches, diarrhoea etc.  So, if you are upset do not eat anything because you are then swallowing the emotion, otherwise known as emotional eating.  You’re not only eating food but the emotion of anger, sadness, fear, guilt or hurt and you are storing all in the body.


The hips and scapular are like the closets in the hall-way where we stuff our clutter.  So these parts of the body (scapular and hips) are where we hold all the crap and store it. When we don’t process this it gets held in these areas and if not moved and expelled through exercise and movement especially Yoga as it opens all the closets it will build up and cause pain.  You might be thinking well there’s more to it than that and yes, you may be correct but this is the beginning and just as the song so rightly puts it, “…. the ending is just the beginning repeating….” ( however I can’t remember the band so if you know it please feel free to leave me a note with a reference, I am sure you know who I mean! ). Putting it simply everything has to be processed or it will build up and manifest into something bigger and eventually your body finds a way to make you listen by creating a disease.


When you feel pain it’s the unconscious mind saying to the conscious mind “Oi! I am trying to tell you something please, listen to me.”  If not listened to your body will find a way to make you listen, and will stop you in your tracks literally, so be mindful of that.


Mental wellness or illness creates a physical outcome every time without fail, your mind and body are part of an interactive system, what is happening in one part of the body’s systems is affecting the other systems. Therefore your health is directly related to your thought processes.


Have you ever heard yourself say: “Oh! I just can’t stomach that.” This is literally your body sending a message to the entire body and to the core of you.  The emotions are affecting the gut so long-term it can cause an issue.  Most illness and dis-ease comes from the gut.

Even though you may not have told anyone about it, your body is eves-dropping on you and processing information every second and you must deal with it, processes it and most importantly be kind to yourself with positive input and reframing all the time. It can be very exhausting.


You will find a negative thought is so much easier than a positive one but once you train yourself you will know only one way and that is positive input, it’s like having an iOS download every day. Things become fresher and cleaner in your daily life and the ability to listen becomes easier and with more grace. And, believe me, more magic occurs in your model of the world.


Your body is like a new born child with no instruction book and it is  communicating with you on an emotional level nonstop.  So be mindful of the way you wake up and of your last thoughts before you go to bed.  It all matters.  Focus on happy high vibe thoughts if you have resistance then shift it back to the high vibration thoughts of love & light.  It is easy to see the energy that is affecting us in our environment, but be sure your body is picking up on it, and it will react accordingly.


A daily check-list of perfect health or basic survival skills:

Mindfulness: When you wake in the morning have a mantra of gratitude, mine is: “thank you for the gifts I receive today I am truly blessed.” When you say it feel it in every cell in your body.  if you make it short and sweet it will become a habit and roll off the tongue easily and effortlessly.

Movement: I choose Yoga asanas (poses) and walking my puppy dog!  Animals are a great reminder of the joy of movement, they are always ecstatic when you put on your walking shoes and say the magic words.

Conscious breath: Once or twice a day give yourself a 3 minute breathing space where you focus on just the breath and nothing else.  

Mindful eating: Chew your food slowly, I have to stop myself all the time, after 17 years as an international flight attendant I am still teaching myself these things.


Simply remember to breathe and to feed your body, breathe with mindfulness so that you are sending a clear message to all your cells (the employees) that you’re feeding them the energy of breath so that they can then help the Major organs in the body (the managers) to filter and do their daily work so that the entire body is running happily and unstressed.


I have found that the more I study the more I comes back to basics. We humans love to complicate everything and we do that so well.  Think about this survival skill  (It’s worth repeating!)

No.1: Breathe: as humans we can only survive without breath for 3 minutes. 

No.2 Water: without water the human body can only survive for approximately three days then comes….

No.3: Rest quality restful sleep.

No 4: Food nourishing food straight from the source and live food is best.

It is meant to be simple and we are meant to be able to heal ourselves, it just takes a change of programming, from being at cause (I know that everything that is, I create and I can heal) or at effect (it’s not my fault).


The fact is wellness comes from within so until you decide you are going to make the change then you will forever find a reason why you cannot – The fact is that you can. 

Henry Ford said: “If you think can or the think you can’t you are right.”


The beauty of my role as a therapist is I am not a Doctor of medicine (and I do believe there is a place for both). I have chosen to focus on health of the mind/body connection to get to the core issue. To put it in these simple terms – survival skills, a constant reminder of the things that I need to do for myself.


 So, I am not telling you, I am simply making suggestions, giving you food for thought.  If I was to recommend something to you as a therapist, I may recommend it but it is entirely up to you whether you turn it into action and I recommend that you do your research too.  The good news is that you can release all of these squidgy emotions in the body so you can let go of the past and make room for creating the future.  This is my specialty, so if you think that you have something that is stopping you moving forward, then let’s work together and clear the stuff and get on with creating your future TM.


It is important that we as individuals, whether Student or Teacher, it is the same thing, you are always in complete control and when you are not then you are highly suggestive and not taking control of your own health.  Healing comes from you, not the practitioner or the teacher, that person is just the guide you have chosen who reflects your values and you are the one doing the healing.

I have always said my clients are my teachers, in all different forms and I only hope that I can continue to hear the message myself. They continuously give me gifts of Mindfulness and when I give advice I am Listening, accepting the gift of Mindfulness, and hopefully hearing myself and making little corrections all the way along.   I may know the theory but it takes a constant reminder and action to create optimal wellness in the here and now.


IF you need some guidance on how to deal with the ‘squidgy stuff’ and creating your future then come and see me at Cooroy – Make an appointment and let’s start the refresh program using 5 elements to health.


I will leave you with a reminder that no child or animal needs – They just do it!    “Remember to Play”.











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  • Norman and Karen Ann


    We are so proud of you and love you. What beautiful site and always encouraging.
    You are always making a better version of yourself and together you are helping people on their journey.
    A great Sage once said: ‘The teacher will come when the student is ready’.
    So glad you are the Teacher.

    Love You,
    Norman and Karen Ann (Thanks for being our Bridesmaid 22 years ago)

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