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Skys the limit…..or is it?


It seems 2012 was challenging for us all, and it’s interesting to observe and reflect on the personal challenges of change, massive shifts, physically and mentally. I am sure we all observed this on an individual basis.

My lessons were about personal boundary’s and listening to my intuition and trust, self trust. The outcome was astoundingly beautiful, but hard work, I would never have imagined how exciting the year was going to pan out, although I had my goals, it was by far exceeded, and it took a leap of faith to make it all happen. We all had our challenges some bigger than others, but if you reading this, I am sure you came through it with flying colours!…. no end of the world! just new beginnings.

My challenges took me screaming through my belief systems and popping out the other end to new levels of reality. Literally from taking the controls and being the pilot and actually flying solo to a change of profession from International Flight Attendant (of 12 years) and 17 years in the aviation industry to flying solo in Business as a Therapist doing my passion! What a ride! is all I can say.

Now, 2013 has all new challenges to arise. To face our true purpose in life, as we cannot ignore it at the moment. It seems energetically we are all being forced to make changes, as all these challenges raise their ugly heads, it is scary but once your through it, you realise the beauty that lies in change.

As change creates new opportunity, so to does it challenge thoughts and belief systems, no matter how bad it looks from the outside you will always take something away from the experience. What I mean by this is, although we have the fear of uncertainty around us, it is important to believe in yourself, take opportunity’s when they arise and listen to what is going on around you and you will find that, you have all the tools available to you if you just listen.

Easier said than done! yes I hear you…, however that is the conscious brain having its say and that is driven by your external influences that distract you from your true self. I am not saying to ignore the conscious mind, just to take it into account that external influence and fear projection will occur when change is at our door step or breathing down your neck and although it may look daunting, they are lessons in disguise and we all hope to be able to learn from them no matter how it appears.

Personally, I found that I was in the mind set that I was truly ready and probably over due for my change. The limitation on not having the large comfy income any more, having always had a great income, it was daunting. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grow up! Well I do what I love now but I couldn’t see what it looked like then, as I was conditioned as a worker and thats all I knew till I started to ask myself, how can I do that too. When I stopped flipping out, I also found as I looked around me, I had all the right tools available to me, I just had to use them and trust.

What ever I asked for I got it, as I was going through a bit of a spiritual awakening, not by choice, well I guess you could call it that, and let me tell you it was very hard going.   I learnt the hard way with somethings and others were smooth sailing.

I still believe that my Flying training definitely was the thing that helped me in my transition as through my training I jumped hurdles, I did soemthing I always dreamed.  I had a particularly amazing instructor and instructors at GoFly Aviation that helped me on my journey, as they witnessed my transition and still today we are great friends, I am not sure if  my instructor for most of my training, (I nick named Yoda) was aware what he was signing up for… taking me as a student!! that was the best self help course I could ever have done for myself to pop me out of the flight attendant in the pilot seat and beyond.

Soon after my trainging I also did a Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP as it is commonly known, that also catapulted me in to my dreams becoming reality through alineing my Values as I had always alined with the company values all my work life, I now had to find my own.  I was able to aline myself with the things in my life that were important to me not the company as I had always done.   I went through the process and found what I truely believed I resonated with.  All these things are important, they all had to do with my transition and I am truely blessed that I had the opportunitys, as I allowed, the doors opened.

I don’t miss my flying job as a international Flight attendant at all, I relish the fun times and the great people. Timing was the essence, as my journey has gained altitude and I have not looked back, only forward, and I know that the Sky really is the limit! or is it ? lets find out…..

Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives, embrace it and have fun with it. That is what we did well in the aviation industry so I have just done the same thing as I have always done…… play and do what blows my hair back!!

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Linda McCall

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