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The Art of Intention

The art of Intention Acrylic on canvas. Artist is Linda McCall
The art of Intention Acrylic on canvas. Artist is Linda McCall

Intention its very powerful if we use it in a positive way. It is a great little tool we all have and it’s free. It is simple, if used with focus. The saying be careful what you wish for is relevant to this, because with intention you might just get what you wish for! But are you ready to receive it? it might not come the way you expected or imagined it to, but you will get it if you are focused on it, because stuffed in the middle of your requests was a little thing called “intention”.

The driving energy that brings anything motion and substance is the energy of intention. You may have heard your self say “yes I wanted this… but not like that or not now… Or something to that effect. Intention is powerful so don’t underestimate your own power, and it gets stronger the more you play with it, if you write it down, draw it and cut out pictures of what you want to create, (a vision board is an intention) well, then your on your way to truly manifesting. With every thought, we are creating….I love that.

I set my intention with each day to ensure my mind/body is ready to listen to the little messages that bodies present to me. As an individual I set my intention each day, with a mantra or some might call it a pray what ever you like to call it, as long as it sets a positive intention and that I create with love.

My aim is to come from a solid foundation of love and compassion, so that each client gets the full benefits of my treatments when I am drawing on universal energy (Reiki) I choose this as a starting point, to be in-tune with the body and focused, creating change or shift that may be required. Sometimes it might be just holding and containing, whatever it might be, my intention comes from a solid base of focused love and the use of universal energy (basic science says that everything is energy) and that I give them the absolute best therapeutic focus.

As a therapist this an ongoing journey of discovery, as the client without knowing becomes the teacher, not with words but with simply presenting them selves to me. What ever is going on for the client will present it self without words but is stored in the muscle memory and if I can assist them in the next step toward their wellness I have done my job.

A lovely way to start your day is to set an intention for your day. You can do it on the train you can do it while you walk to work, you can write it down you can visualize it, its entirely up to you, and if your day serves to be challenging then come back to your intention, breathe your intention,( make it positive) because what ever happens you can go back to your intention and are able to call on your intuition, and instantly know if it has come from a basis of love, then you are going in the right direction.

As an artist and therapist of the mind body connection I have created a way to set intention in colour with The art of intention, featured here in the caption, it may look like confetti and just colour but it is created with writing and coloured so that it is not visible to the eye, however the intention is my secret that is written on the back of the canvas and it is up to me if I want to share the intention with others or keep it to my self either way it doesn’t matter as the intention is set, set in colour.

If you would like to learn more about the art of intention then a program, and how this process can help you shift into the change that is coming, or any issue that presents. This program has been created as a guide, a mapping process to where you want to be. All materials included all you need is to create the time to set your intention. This program is specific to the individual and will include a 30 min Massage to relax and get the process moving by opening up the body to accepting the change required. If you would like to book an Art of intention program then please book on line this program is available to groups in the sunshine coast or QLD area and one on one.

Your intention can be as big or as small as you like, sometimes the small things are the big things like “Smile”, and with a simple smile you have the power to change someones day change someones mind, it is so simple but so very powerful.

So, I hope you can see the simple power of intention is very present in our everyday life and that it is up to you how you use it, so use it with love and watch your world blossom around you.
Linda McCall

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