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The ritual of tea


I love the ritual of a pot of tea it is so elegant and nurturing for the soul. One of my favorite teas is rose tea, rose petal or rose bud tea, it is very high in Vitamin C and helps with, restful sleep.

Here is a little something I wrote about Tea and what it means to me:

Great tea is the essence and soul of a culture.

It is a gift of the earth, the sun, the soil it is grown, and the people whom it represents.

Like a wine a good tea is treated with respect and nurtured, It is handled with great care as a crop and is the true product of its people.

Tea tantalises the taste buds and blossoms on the pallet giving a mystical ever changing gastronomical pleasure that encapsulates the participant affecting all the senses.

The aroma of tea is invigorating fresh and relaxing that gives the sigh of contentment as it goes hand in hand with the rituals created in all cultures. It is a gathering of the dance of life.

Tea to me represents an experience of the mother that nurtures the child. It is a representation of all the element s, the tastes of Earth and Wood. Wood fuels Fire that heats the Water of the Metal kettle while the sound of Metal from the teaspoon against its vessel, the China Cup, stirs the song of equilibrium chimes.

Tea gives the sensation of satisfaction that creates abundance of togetherness, that brings laughter and joy that feeds the soul.

A simple pot of tea is a soulful and cultural experience. It brings us all together. Tea is a magical potion creating warmth and balance, space and stillness, joy and relief, togetherness or solace.

Tea to me is excitement of the ritual we create with it, an individual one or a shared one that creates community. Tea is not just tea, it brings an experience, be it by the fire in the bush or over a grand table of riches it brings the comfort of simple pleasures.

My ritual with tea is of a daily one. It is a companion in the mornings, and evenings it brings comfort and solace. Times for reflection on the day that is about to begin or about the end.

Tea is my passion. It represents fresh vitality, health and wealth of gatherings.
My passion for tea is extensive.

I have indulged in ancient ceremonial tea parties from India to Japan, sipped tea with nomads in the Arabian deserts, and shared Turkish rituals in bazaars. I have shared cups with Swaggies under Australian stars and lifted the little finger in London town. My tea cup never leaves my side.
This is tea to me.

Have a cuppa and ponder the gift tea has brought to you, and it your going to have it have to good stuff dust off that tea pot and share a pot and see what you discover.

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Linda McCall

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