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A breath of fresh air

As we all know it is human nature to go against the grain every now and then, push the boundaries or maybe its our innate curiosity to see how far we can go, just like a child we push it see how much we can take. Sometimes we create habits good and bad, that we are often completely unaware of, till it starts to impact our lives, and state of happiness. It is natural but not always helpful and positive. so sometimes we just need to reassess.

Our bodies are a magnificent machine and we cannot fool or, trick them as our cells absorb and store information at a cellular level and as a Mind Body Practitioner, I have found bodies say so much without the physical talk from the human.

It is my observation as a therapist and guidance practitioner that we can often over complicate our lives as we tend to loose touch with the fact that we are the drivers and we all can STOP whenever we want to, instead sometimes we just PUSH ON, and think that if we push on and get this or that destination then we will be happier. The fact is that if your not happy now then you have to address why? because the destination is not going to make you happier if your sitting with something that does not sit well in your cells as we would say ” it doesn’t sit well with me” listen to what you are saying out loud and trust it.

Breathe and stop to smell the roses, things will always have more clarity. Think about this…If your life is complicated you have created it that way…haven’t you? …..You allowed it to be that way, just like the accelerator in the car you have the control to go faster as you put more pressure on or slower as you ease of the pressure. if you find your self going too fast then ease off, and ask yourself is this serving you! it’s a good question to ask yourself as the answer is not always one that you want to hear. Instead of blaming the people and circumstances around you, stop and recognize the change that is required to get back on track after going bush bashing for a while, it will be good to get back on the road to your innate birth right of happiness. And if you find yourself complaining a lot about what your life is, then that is when you need to reassess or CHANGE IT, and the first step is to STOP and reassess and change direction! Yes.. easier said then done… that is why we have to slow down so we can see the signs through the haze.

By stopping you are allowing you mind body to catch a breath just by the simplest thing, such as breath, it allows us the ability to survive with out it we die, so it is not that silly when you think that, a breath of fresh air can be the what is required. Filling our bodies with breath, concious breath is the best medicine and its free! just by breath your telling your body it is safe and that it no longer needs to be in Fight or Flight mode ready for anything! you need to allow it to rest and stop bombarding it with physical, environmental, external abuse and just allow it to be, and finding a way to do this is very a very personal thing. Be it Yoga, meditation, guided meditation, running swimming what ever you like just make sure it is controlled, conscious breath. There is always, time, you just need to make the time.

Allowing your self the space, even if it is just 15 to 30 mins a day find something that is. Life is only as complicated and as difficult as we make it. Listen to your body because the fact is that if you don’t do this your body will make you do it, by creating serious ailments or dis-ease in the body so you have no choice but to stop and smell the roses!

Here are some little self-survival reminders I use as a daily tool to help you take the pressure off the accelerator and move a little more consciously and to stop with the auto drive. Even if you just use one or two of these don’t try and change to much too soon.

1. Stop and Breathe consciously through the nose and mouth feel your tummy go in and out nice and slowly for a good few minutes, as many times as you can throughout the day. Strangely enough we all need to consciously breath that is why exercise is so good for us as it teaches us to breath at a constant rate and deeply so we feel all the cells. Without breath our body goes into flight or flight mode and we find ourselves in a state of confusion and starve the cells in our body of the oxygen it deserves, taking these big breath sessions as many times a day as possible is your very simple Anti aging agent. If you want to be guided with the breath then you can learn to breath with yoga techniques at a centre near you and you can also buy the Organ and body Cleanse CD set of 3, read more about it through the website www.

2. Get your self a blank note book (no lines) and take it with you everywhere and write down the stuff you have running through your brain as you stop and have a cuppa. Sometimes issues can be so big you need to get it out and telling a friend my not be an option so processing it into a note book it a great option and you don’t have to feel you are burdening other with you problems or ideas quiet often the issue maybe very simple and by processing it on papper by drawing writing or doodling and mind mapping you will find you know the answer and you have processed it with ease. Other times you might write something down that is really negative and then all you have to do is rip it out of the note book and burn it or destroy it as it is rubbish anyway. These are very effective ways of simple processing and self-help. The most successful men and woman in the world carry note books with them to jot things down as just the process of jotting things down will be a big part in manifesting what is it you want to achieve or create in your life.

3. Remember to keep it simple and that is with everything, especially food. Go to the source if you need the vitamin or mineral as much as you can rather than to the pill that is the quick fix, I use Lavender oil (doTERRA) I carry it with me all the time for headaches I use the lavender oil on the area and or I drink more water. Going to the source makes you more self- aware, and if you don’t know where it comes from then look it up on the internet. Remember the more processes the food has been through to the less goodness it has in it. A good rule of thumb is that if its advertised on TV then don’t touch it. Raw is best, but sometimes cooking is essential, depending on the body type.

4. Live the life you always wanted and if it’s not going the way you want it to go then find a way to change direction into wind then you will learn to fly naturally. Change takes time and too much change at once can send the body into shock so be gentle with yourself, an now that there is always.

5. Giggle laugh and smile as much as possible throughout the day and be contagious.

6. Toxins are everywhere in our lives so have a look around you and see the toxins you have invited into your life from the chemicals through to the people and emotions. Toxins can make you fat, that is now a scientific fact. All these things accumulate in your body just as they do in your home so if you are carrying extra weight and ask yourself who and what is it you have decided to carry, with you, you might find some surprising answers and you can take ownership and start the elimination process. If you need help Healthy Equilibrium can guide you with this process, but you will be aware of most of them so just trust your intuition.

7. And last but not least sit a have a pot of tea like we use to do, share it with a friend or enjoy it alone and contemplate your navel it’s good for the soul. Always use loose leaf tea as most tea bags are filled with fillers and the bags are bleached. Tea especially green and white teas are amazing sources of vitamin intake so find your favorite tea and make the time to treat yourself like we did in the old days, the bushman would stop and put the billy on and now we just have to pop the kettle on and fill the pot so its easy and it’s a wonderful way to communicate with yourself and others.

This is just some food for thought and easy practical solutions for your life and and there is more to come, so stay tuned. If you are at a loss and cant get started on the change you feel you need to make in your life, make the first step toward the change contact Healthy Equilibrium for a free consultation. Or make an appointment to come and see me in Eumundi for the first stage of your process, making the decision to get some guidance we all need it at some time or another.

Remember, this is my experience and not always the right thing for me is the right thing for you so try it out if it works for you then great if it doesn’t then change it, your body it is the best one to listen to it will tell all if you just take notice of what its trying to say, that is something I am constantly learning on a daily basis.

I leave you with this” choose to live life with love laughter and passion and success and abundance will flow to you with ease” Linda McCall Dip.Shiatsu and oriental therapies
Linda McCall

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