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Stand in your truth ….

Stand in your truth …. or be dumped by the truth wave!

If we resist change and resist our truth we are being dumped by the truth wave until we obtain some positive learnings. If we don’t stand in our truth, we will keep getting dumped by the truth wave and getting the atomic ‘wedgie of life’! And it is no fun……I am sure you agree!
I would like to share with you, my little metaphor for standing in your truth as it seems we are all being forced to stand in our truth at this time.

The truth wave

Imagine this just for fun: you’re swimming in the ocean, and you see a wave coming toward you and you panic…you’re not very familiar with the water, but you have heard that diving under the wave is the way to get through – It’s too late….

You’re being washed and tumbled by the turbulent vortices of the wave; you come up gasping for air only to see another one coming your way, and it happens all over again. You get half the beach in your knickers and that atomic wedgie up your bum! Ouch! In heading for the beach, you try driving under this next wave; you’re scared and that ‘fear thing’ is back, but you go for it, because you realise you need to take a different approach….. and it works! You come out with a smile, and you think – Wow! That was easy?

New learning

So, you’ve learnt that there is another perspective, a different approach because you tried it and this time it worked! Well done! Now you have more control, more information than you had a few minutes ago and you can move forward feeling more confident.

New beginning

You swim to shore and stand on the beach with the waves lapping your feet and pulling the sand out from under – your firm grip of terra firma is shifting but…you just experienced a life changing the moment of your truth. Your foundations are changing, and you feel the confidence to move forward and create your new path as your old footprints get washed away by the waves flopping on the beach – you create a new path.

How can this help you?

Life is full of these little moments, and we can so easily miss the magic in them.
When we stand in our truth, we take a gasp of breath and start to read the signs and use our sensory acuity (See, feel, hear, smell, taste) and understand a wave is just a tool if we just learn how to read it. When we use our sensory acuity, we start to learn there is another way, to dive under the wave read the signs of the ocean, not push against it and ride that wave to shore. We get the Ahh! Hah! Moments, and begin to take on board the positive learnings.

Or we can choose to have the mind go ballistic with the self-dialog ‘carry on as per normal’ (like a naughty child without boundaries).

Ways to move toward receiving the positive learnings:

1. use our sensory acuity to feel, see, hear, smell and taste. This is the language of your natural senses. We use them every day to sense things around us without words and is the natural language of the body, and we can use it to connect with nature as nature attempts to connect with us.
2. Congratulate yourself for ‘getting’ the message. As you start to feel the sand being drawn out from under your feet and as your reality changes, you feel the foundations under you change.
3. Sometimes opportunity comes with a little bit of discomfort. You feel a little bit uncomfortable and unstable, but you can recognise that, ‘uncomfortable’ is an opportunity, lurking on the other side of the uncomfortable to create a new path.
4. Focus on what you want. Not what you don’t like or perhaps on the discomfort you may have experienced. As the old footprints on your journeys path get’s swept away by the ocean’s tide, you look to create the new footprints in the sand as you walk your new path with your new truth, filled with excitement and a clear vision.
5. Opportunity sometimes arrives in a nasty way as the “truth wave”, and you have to pull not only the knickers out of your bum BUT hee hee pun intended! Hopefully, we pull the learnings too!. If you are being dragged through the sand with half the beach in your undies consistently in life and keep wondering why this keeps on happening…it’s time to reassess.
6. Take the time to see it from another viewpoint. You are probably missing the opportunity, for the moment! And that’s ok! Because you have only been doing the best you can with the information, you had at the time (your past experiences, conscious and unconscious, are how you react to the world around you).
7. Know that you are only doing the best you can with the information you have up to now. So, to even recognise that takes the courage to see the learnings. Just know that all the information you have now is all your have to draw on that is your history and your story.
8. Notice in your life to now, how all the significant emotional events to now have shaped the person you are today and the journey you are on. Just notice don’t judge.
9. Your program is “your story “. You have the power to change and re- install a new one. It might take some time as your program, as you know it, is the only program you have to draw on.

If you continue on the same old way you will experience the same old things, however, if you choose and other way and change that program or upgrade you will experience something different. It’s just like not doing the updates on your iPhone or computer.

The language is changing and soon it won’t work because it does not recognise any of the information anymore – so you just keep on coming up against the old stuff (errors) until you decide to do the updates.

Bring it all together

Next time you have a life changing moment I hope you are able to look at the positive learning and celebrate the little achievements because all the little stuff has magic messages for you to move forward in your life.
Keep have soul deep adventures.
Lovingly written by Linda McCall. See more blogs at

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