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Create Yummy New Habits

It’s time for new habits

It is so easy for us to create habits unconsciously.  It is also easy to react to life as it plays out around us isn’t it? getting woken by the neighbours mowing at 6.30 am kids playing or dogs barking……so be mindful every day to start your day with gratitude, instead of reacting to emotional conditions.

To assist us with this changing a few old habits and replacing them with new yummy juicy ones can really help our overall state.  Ok, enough about the squidgy stuff let’s get down to the yummy stuff.

Here are 10 yummy habits you can activate:

  1. Create yourself a little mantra for first thing in the morning to say no matter how your feeling when you wake up you will always feel better when you have that little yummy mantra to say straight away as you crack open the shutters of your mind and hand over to the conscious minds world that is your reality each morning.   Starting each day with mindfulness & gratitude is magic in it self.  My little mantra is “Thank you for the gifts that I receive today I am truly blessed……..” then I name the things I am grateful for. Remember to exercise a smile on your face every morning to those around you even your puppy or cat possum or piglet.
  2. Start your day with a ritual of a pot of loose leaf tea in a Yummy pot, choose a yummy cup colour and put it on a tray make it elegant. (get rid of tea bags they are rubbish!) it’s about an experience not just the adventure of the tea you choose.   You can even have a pot of hot water and lemon slices or free peppermint from the garden, turmeric or ginger use your imagination. Change it to how your body feels that day.
  3. Drink energised structured water and lots of it (see Ph Perfect water). Even if you live in other parts of the world like the USA you can purchase filters that energise your water.
  4. Exercise… move your blood around the body so that it can feed oxygen to all of the cells in the body only 30 mins in the morning with a little yoga and a little salutation to the sun.
  5. Start a 3-minute breathing space once or if you can twice a day and remember breath is our basic survival skill so be mindful of the breath and feed your body breath every day down load it for free off my website.
  6. Walk around the garden or lay on the grass and connect with the earth every day. Suck up those natural negative Ions that enhance your health.  When houses are built they need grounding and so do we. Spending 10 minutes a day connect to the earth with your shoes off on the grass or sand on the beach is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  7. Rest the mind give the mind a rest from technology connect with your breath and quiet the mind maybe have TV free days. Restful sleep and switching off the mind and handing over to the unconscious mind of a night is part of our basic survival skills. (see my blog on 4 basic survival skills) Try pure essential oils, they are amazing for sleep.
  8. Choose live food. Go to the source living food and water. Get rid of cereals in packets for breakfast and replace with real live food.  Smoothies are great.  Pure butter or avocado macadamia or almond nut butters not marg! yuck! don’t even get me started on how that’s made, why it was made and …just don’t do it, it’s was not ever ment for human consumption.
  9. Start incorporating Extra Virgin coconut oil into your cooking better still have it straight up.
  10. Be playful with life yahhhhhhoooooo! And of course always “do what blows your hair back or makes your head shiny or those bold and beautiful ones”.
  11. Dont take my advice, go and research it if you want to know the full truth about these yummy things and find out your why its better, make up your own mind these are just suggestions.

Keep having soul deep adventures.

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