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Be Creative with Goals- 5 Steps to get the Most Successful Outcomes

Can you remember your most excellent adventure?  Let’s hope you don’t have to go back to far to think about it, otherwise, you are way over due for a good F%@* adventure!

Here’s hoping you are all over it and you have created some goals for your new adventure, in life and business.

However, if not, that’s totally OK. I have a cunning plan that I want to share with you to get the most successful outcomes!!

My life is one big adventure, and I plan it that way. I travel, live, work, love and play on the road. I choose to make adventure my focus.

When Goals Align with Your Values

Be creative with your adventures and planning your goals and outcomes. Insanely creative people have enormous drive. When your goals align with your values, you are more likely to lose yourself in your pursuit. Talent alone is never enough.

Yes, I am creative, but insanely creative I only aspire to, but I am enough to be dangerous in my pursuit live my dreams. To bring my big ideas of new adventures in to my reality and bring you along for the ride so that you can do the same.

I am not sure about you, but I crave the outdoors and I choose to live my life as much as possible in the outdoors.

My mission here is to unleash my creative adventures to inspire your creative soul as you plot your goals and outcomes, so you can observe your life and perhaps simplify life to reduce the complexity’s that cause you stress.

When I ask individuals, clients, friends and family “what do you want?” most of them say I don’t know, I just want to be happy and have more time and freedom at that stage is not even close to their lips it is more of a dream.

It just depends on how you want to design your life through your goals.

Use the Power of Observation

To observe is information gathering, a way you experience and imagine what your goals can be. The past a gathering of information and is just a process of listening to your senses and use that information to create greatness.

Then observe how you want it for the future as you learn from your past.

Observe what you see, hear, feel taste and smell.

Observe without judgment! Wow that is a doozie!

When you think about your goals how does it make you feel and are those goals for you? It is a good practice to notice who your goals are for and that the goals is for you so that it gives you the best opportunity to achieve the goal and not set yourself up for failure.

I share this because it is a reminder to observe how you are experiencing life and to ensure you have the best chance of achieving your goals successfully. And as a reminder, so that you can change it toward what you want to experience, if it is not going to plain so far this year.

Willingness to Take a Risk

It is the willingness to take the risks, to break with the safety of tradition, and step outside the comfort zone

is necessary for adventure to enter your life, you can only explore your true potiential if you embrace the risk associated with doing something different.

If you are not enjoying your life then change it.

And I sure you are asking, now “but how do I change it, I feel stuck”

Well, let me tell you a secret about your life, that may or may not be a secret;

“You are the Chief Creative Designer of your life so weather you choose to design your life to please those around you or design it to please and encompass your own values and beliefs that enhance the way you experience life is up to you”.

The point is, sometimes we have to give yourself permission to change it, to pivot if it is not working.

If your goals are not working so far, fear not! I put together this 5-step process that follows, to keep you on track (and me!) to give you a sweet reminder to get out there and play your ass of and have fun, and have a check-in process to gather information.

A recent study Published in Plus One found that individuals are more likely to be happier and achieve their goals when they have specific goals in mind then those who are very general and vague about what they want. If you can describe your goals in more specific terms, then often you will have a better idea of the kind of actions you need to take to get the desired outcomes.

Something I have noticed is that when it comes to goals sometimes just the word Goal can make you avoid it all together. Boring, scary!

Reasons Why your Goals Haven’t Worked in the Past:

  • Often, we can set ourselves up to fail unconsciously, we set goals that are un-achievable or we don’t have an action plan to achieve the goal.
  • We set the goal for someone else not for yourself.
  • Don’t write goals down and don’t revisit them.
  • Your goals are not specific enough, so that when they arrive you don’t notice them. Not specific enough about how you want to experience it.
  • No time frame. If you do not put a time frame on your goals they will slide along in your life’s time line and you will never fully commit to it.
The Biggest Secret is Out

One big secret to creating your future is the language you use around your goal setting. You are using the wrong language. What I mean by this is that you may be expressing your goals how you don’t what it rather than how you do want to experience it.

Here How to Get the Best Results:

Write them down the way you want to experience it and it will look and sound something like this the following:

It is now ….(date and time specific) and I am now experiencing…”

The Power of Writing Down Goals

Did you know that only 1% of the population write down their goals?

Those who are the one per-centers are the ones who are successful in their missions and are very good at creating what you want.

Interestingly most people don’t see the value in writing down goals, or have done it once before and they have not achieved the outcomes and fobbed it off as a bad joke.

The good news about goals

They work! if you do! The good news is that there is a way that you can create goals that have specific outcomes and get what you want the way you want it. You just need to have the formula.

Setting your intention toward what you want to experience when it comes to goals, it is like plotting out pathway on a map, without goals it is like sailing along aimlessly without a rudder.

Lets have a closer look at the key actions to S.T.A.R.T a new adventure in business and life. These are based on a formula taken from the SMART goal formula but it’s been tweaked a little to encompass your Truth, Self-awareness and Reliance to be more specific.

  1. Specific & Self Awareness

Be specific about what you want for the future and why you want it, don’t be afraid to be specific to the point of ridiculous, because the more details you have the better and closer you can get to it.

“I think Self-awareness is probably the most important thing toward being a champion” Billie jean King

Self-Awareness goes hand-in-hand with developing your beliefs and values around what you want to experience.

  1. Truth & Trust

“Whoever is careless with the truth is small matter cannot be trusted with import matters” – Albert Einstein

Speak your truth, look at your values and beliefs to understand this more. Talk about your truth out loud and just notice how it feels inside. Chat with a friend or college about your dreams and desires, this will help to get some clarity through just sharing it with someone, you can also feel what it’s like to say it out load to someone it’s a great motivator. Notice how it feels to say it and notice the response you get from those around you. Just notice don’t judge, easier said than done but just try it.

  1. Adaptable & Accountable

“It is not the strongest of species that survives. Nor the most Intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin

Be adaptable is having flexibility with outcomes and having more than one way to achieve the desired outcome. Being accountable for your actions toward what you want and adapt to change with acceptance and openness.

  1. Realistic & Resilient

“Set your goals low and you will be disappointed”

Make your goals and outcomes realistic but not too easy, you still want to have those bum clenching moments to push your self past your comfort zone to grow as an individual.

The best goals are the ones that take you just that bit outside your comfort zone and push your boundaries. Building resilience is keeping your momentum no matter what and keep your eye on the ball no matter what, however it is important to recognise a pivot if things are not working.

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient “ Dr Steve Maraboli

  1. Time Frame & Toward

Always give your goals a time frame so that they happen and that you are working toward something. With a date and a time.

If you are serious about creating your future the way you want it, then follow this simple formula and as all good goals are very specific then make sure you look at them often.

Always ensure you are moving toward what you want rather than away from, this can be a cruncher.

What I mean by this is that your language is toward what you want.

E.g “what do you want?” I just don’t want …… anymore. What you can say is to state more of what you want. “I want to experience this … that I can …” Keep it toward what you want to experience.

Here is your mission if you choose to accept…

Write down just for fun what your Big Dream is, that crazy wild goal that scares you a little bit, with not fear but excitement of achieving it and how it makes you feel just thinking about having it now.

What is it that big idea at you have and that you are busting to put it out there. Let your imagination fly and let it rip! Write it down in your diary and begin with S.T.A.R.T. Make it a START based goal too & remember it’s all about the fun Factor!




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